Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Michael J. Connell

July 9, 2008

To the commissioners: I am a CMKX shareholder. I am also a very concerned American citizen, that our markets have been taken over by offshore hedge funds, and the over whelming fail to delivers in the market has shifted the market into the negative status that we now find our selves in. I am aware that the SEC is delaying release of trust funds that are intended for distribution to the shareholders of CMKX. I respectfully request that you release these funds that have been wrongfully withheld from us for the past 16 months. Should the funds not be released in a timely fashion, I intend to contact my Senators and Congressmen, and those listed below about this issue and if the problem remains unresolved, I intend to participate in a letter writing campaign, and march if needed, on Washington DC and in particular the SEC offices to publicly address this injustice.
The SEC needs to do the job as regulatory to insure a fair and balanced market and fair outcome for all.

The brokers and MM'S have rules set by the SEC, however they do not follow those rules, because they know they have will only receive a slap on the wrist and receive large profit by shorting and driving many companies out of business, most of these NSS funds leave our country tax free. We need rules in place, and we need to have the regulatory OOPR (office Of Primary Responsibility (SEC))enforce their own laws.
Sincerely Michael J. Connell, Very Concerned Shareholder.