Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Thomas V Scheytt
Affiliation: Diplom Betriebswirt FH

July 9, 2008

The American Stock Exchanges have unfortunately become what we used to call - Casinos. Investors have unknowingly and unwillingly become gamblers with a zero chance to gain. The American dream of personal and financial freedom has been hijacked while corporate stock values have been crippled by a new type of fraud: The electronic counterfeiting of securities.

The American financial markets and specifically the US Stock Exchanges have become manipulated and deluded by select brokerages, hedge funds and banks intertwined with organized crime nationally and internationally. The truth is out.

What until recent has been considered to be untrue, barely an excuse or a wild assumption by private investors and companies trading at ridiculous prices per share has indeed been proven: The truth about Naked Short Selling.

Brokers where and are selling electronic markers in return for hard earned cash with no intentions ever to deliver the product stock. This conduct always has been, is and always will be an act of crime.

Laws and regulations have been in place. The investing world is desperately missing enforcement - real enforcement. Calculated wrist slaps barely bring up the smell of corruption. Do not let that happen.

I do applaud you for giving the public a forum to express their concerns. Your acting accordingly is needed and expected by millions of victims as it is expected by the international investing community. Me included.

The criminals have been identified


Thomas V. Scheytt
San Jose, Costa Rica