Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: michael e taillefer

August 18, 2007

reg sho is in direct violation of the securities act of 1933, 1934. it should have never been passed and is a fine example of the sec's failure, in concert with the gary aquire cover up it leads to only one conclusion: in order to help a privileged few you are not playing fair and you are are breaking laws.

i just read the first page of comments and not one supports the sec and reg sho. the only people that want this law are rich brokers and hedge funds. you know what they are doing and you all know it is illegal. if not then why does the dtcc need to keep it all secret? it is hurting small investors and our economy and you do nothing. it is shameful, you all look like crooks.

911 pales in comparison to the damage you have done you should be tried for treason

stop this travesty and enforce the securities laws that have been in effect since 1933.

its very simple. that is all you need to do. do it for your country. tell the crooks no.
sleep well.