Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Wendy Dworken

July 9, 2008

I am shocked and amazed that we are still seeing naked shorting going on in our financial markets.To allow market makers, hedge funds and other ill intended groups to sell illegal or shall I say counterfeit shares that never need to be bought back is a crime that should be punished by stiff jail sentences and huge fines. I am a CMKX shareholder and I have seen first hand how naked shorting has destroyed an honest valuable company and the lives of the trusting good shareholders in it. How would you feel if your money was stolen out of your bank and you had no recourse to recover it? Would you like those thiefs to get away with your hard earned money and only maybe get a tiny slap on the wrist. No wonder they keep doing it. The crime is worth alot more in money then the puny little penalty you may give them. You the Sec are here to protect us from such crimes. It's about time you do the job you are being paid for. Talk is cheap, actions are where it counts. It is time to take action NOW The time to pass the this amendment to SHO is NOW WD