Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Stan Gentry

July 9, 2008

I invested in a stock that had been heavily shorted, CMKX - likely you are very familiar with this stock which has since been revoked. Through manipulation and evidenced fails-to-deliver on CMKX stock, I as well as tens of thousands of others are victims of illegal activities by market makers and brokerage firms, as well as others that failed to provide a nutural safehaven to protect individual shareholders from the corrupt and illegal activites of those with whom I/we entrusted to enforce the very laws that are supposed to be enforced pertaining to Securities in the greatest marketplace in the world.

As one shareholder of CMKX, due to the illegalities of the marketplace and the proof of fails-to-deliver or shorting shares of what was a pink sheet OTC stock, a return on investment for damages due to the aforementioned and strengthing Regulation SHO is the ultimate objective here. Fails-to-deliver as you are well aware should not be taken lightly.

I am a very concerned shareholder who stands on shaky ground when it comes to investing in the marketplace of Stocks/Bonds and all securites for that matter. I let countless others know of serious issues that are on the forefront with Wall Street and Securites Firms that conduct business illegally.

Stan Gentry

(Advocate for Truth Justice)
Las Vegas