Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Glen Smith

August 17, 2007

Berger and Hansen you both have to go Why the lie now that the evil bitch Annette Nazareth is on her way out for her lies Now its your turn

Why the lie? In the report were details of how several past and present SEC attorney's actually misled the Senate investigators in the Senate's quest for the truth. The SEC, responsible for enforcement against those that provide false or misleading information, engaged directly in the dissemination of false or misleading information in an attempt at self-preservation.

When asked why Gary Aguirre was terminated SEC Branch Chief Robert Hanson opined that one such cause for termination was the failure by Aguirre to submit for review subpoenas before issuance. Hanson was later called to the carpet on this statement as e-mails exposed evidence that such subpoenas were in fact provided for review prior to issuance.

Why the lie? Isn't a lie in a formal inquiry perjury? Was what Hanson did no less despicable than when Martha Stewart lied in an act of self-preservation and got caught?

Likewise, when former Associate Director Paul Berger was interviewed on when his relationship with his present employer Debevoise Plimpton initiated Berger gave the less than truthful answer of January 2006 instead of the actual timeframe of September 2005. The difference in the dates having significance to the conflicts of interest between Debevoise and an enforcement case Berger was a party to, the Aguirre's case against John Mack.

While the Senate investigation concluded that Berger's relationship did not have any direct outcome in the eventual SEC decisions, the fact that Berger attempted to cover it up implies some personal level of unease.

Berger lied in a formal inquiry and that lie only came to truth based on digging deeper into the facts, not by Berger coming clean. To lie in a formal congressional inquiry is an act of perjury as defined under Federal law.

But Berger and Hanson are neither the first nor the last to act unprofessionally while representing the Commission and the integrity of the Commission. We know you both commited perjury and your both gonna go down. Its only a matter of time. Time to leave now We wont forget how you caused many to loose their life savings with the grandfather clause