Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Steve Johnson
Affiliation: Private investor

July 9, 2008

Investing in the stock markets without interference is a right any citizen should have. It should be as clean and simple a procedure as operating a checking account at your local bank. But it's not. You (the SEC) have allowed the markets to be influenced by those banking institutions and market makers in such a way that it's almost as easy to lose money as it is in Las Vegas.

Wait a minute That rings a bell with me...have you guys ever heard of Nicolas Darvas? He wrote a book back in 1963 called "Wall Street: The Other Las Vegas". So this is nothing new is it? 45 years ago you were exposed by a little guy that had his eyes opened by the existing relationship between Wall street and the SEC. He was vilified for it.

You guys have been allowing corruption in the markets since YOUR inception. The foundation of the market is greed and corruption but it is YOU that is supposed to be there for everyone's protection. YOU are supposed to enforce the laws. Instead, you condone the corruption by weak penalties allowing the banker and market makers to justify it as the "cost of doing business".

Let me remind you of a statement made by Christopher Cox recently..."First and foremost, the SEC is a law enforcement agency. In all of the world, the SEC's Division of Enforcement is the gold standard for securities law enforcement. Today's appointments are further proof of that," said Chairman Cox...June 3, 2008"

But here's what I get from everything. The wealthy and greedy crush anyone in their way. They buy off the rest. The poor write letters to those that have been bought off long ago and make NO difference.

Prove me wrong.