Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Jerry J Kozic

July 9, 2008

Dear SEC,

Regarding the additional provisions proposed for Regulation SHO... will it really make any difference? I am a CMKX shareholder that has been pulled through the mud and abused by the SEC's lack of enforcement of the laws already on the books. What is the point of having the American citizen come to a forum like this and waste their time to make comments... ENFORCE THE LAWS YOU HAVE...
Whether it be 1 or 10,000 complaints... DO YOUR JOB... There have been many speculations regarding this stock.. CMKX.. Since this goes on and on, there must be a great deal of money involved..that is the only thing that keeps people interested...pretty much GREED... It is time now for the SEC to pay CMKX shareholders who have been damaged- by your lack of enforcement, former management, financial institutions, stock brokers, market makers and possibly organized crime. When will this end? We have been more than patient as you have held us at bay.. but that time is over.. If you really want to stir up more trouble in this market, watch 60,000 shareholders bring this information to light for the world to see. The time is way past due to rectify the wrong done to this company and so many other start-up companies that have great ideas and products, and are destroyed by the greed of a few.. Show me there truly is some of the "Old America" left. The America my father and grandfather fought for and made a life for all of my family.. STAND UP SEC, and do the right thing.. Stop pandering and playing to the power brokers..