Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tom B

July 9, 2008

Dear Mr Cox and all.

Please do what is right according to the law, and follow
your mandate to protect shareholders. If you had been following this simple guideline, the public would be able to place their trust in your ability to function as you
were established to do.

Why was regulation SHO necessary ? Why, if it is illegal
to sell bogus or counterfeit shares, was it even necessary to address failure to deliver issues. If a citizen sells
a car, the car has to be real and must be delivered. If it is not, and their is money exchanged without delivery, that citizen has committed fraud and will be charged according to the appropriate laws. If a citizen tries to counterfeit money or securities, that citizen has committed a crime, and will be charged according to the appropriate laws.

Why, when brokers, market makers and other business entities defraud shareholders are they not prosecuted for illegal acts according to the laws they violate. And, why would an exception even be considered to allow such illegal activity ? Politics aside, the power of lobbyists to sway policy decisions should never be at
the expense of laws written to protect the public. In
addition to allow such entities to further violate the law and not pay taxes on ill gotten profits.

Those at the SEC who even consider such actions should be
ashamed of their misguided intentions and should also be held accountable for collusion in criminal actions.