Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: David L Anderson, Lt Col

July 9, 2008

Please remove the grandfather clause on regulation SHO, stop ex-clearing/naked shorting/failures to deliver fraud and fix the marketplace. It is unreal how long the SEC enforcement division has allowed this scam/travesty to go unchecked. Stop asking for more "comments" on this matter and do the right thing. Bring justice to those who have used this clause to destroy so many companies and cheated so many shareholders.

Myself and over 50 fellow Air Force combat pilot vets have purchased extensive stock in CMKX. CMKX was recently awarded a disgorgement suit to return over $33 million in stolen funds to scammed shareholders. Please keep up the pressure to enforce the return of ALL stolen funds to shareholders - with penalties and bring justice to the criminals that dumped a staggering 622 billion counterfeit/unregistered shares into the marketplace while stock fraud enforcement turned a blind eye.

Be rest assured our combat pilot group will be monitoring your efforts FOREVER and hold you personally accountable until you right this monumental injustice. Our congressmen are directly involved as well. Thank you in advance - now fix this nightmare and restore faith in the marketplace

Lt Col David L. Anderson