Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Ron Phoebus
Affiliation: Shareholder CMKM Diamonds

July 9, 2008

This is insane to allow this "Grandfather Clause" stealing is stealing these so called broker dealers had no intention of ever purchasing any stock and try to drive the companies out of business why dont you look at the Naked Short Proposed Rule Comments and you will have more than enough, you make things so confussing that no one knows what to comment to.
As a new stock invester I thought I was protected by my SEC and did not have to worry about other scams like pyramids and other things of the like so I invested into CMKX and the stock market with the hopes of earning some money on investing and watching it grow only to find out that it was being shorted, and the supply was always there with no demand. the stock market is about supply and demand and without it you can not get a FAIR return. putting out neg news to drive a stock down is fraud. putting out fake positive results is fraud, and yes as they called it in the great depression "Watering Down The Stock"by creating more stock than there are shares availible is Financial Destruction and when you the SEC the orginization to protect my rights let it happen then I blame no one but You and my kids and there kids for enerations to come will know about it Mark Faulk's book "The Naked Truth" and Patrick Burn and Dave Patch and Bob Obrian have been telling you for years about it and it is documented and will be written in the history books now what are you going to do about it you have the chance to be a hero by creating TRUST or a Zero by reating Fraud