Subject: s71907

July 8, 2008

Dear commissioners:

I am a long time shareholder of many stocks. My biggest concern at this time involves CMKX. I understand that the SEC is delaying the release of trust funds that are intended for distribution to CMKX Shareholders.

The lack of distributing these funds has gone on far to long. I respectfully request that the trust funds be released immediately. As an American citizen I am very concerned about what has been going on in our USA Market. If the SEC continues to treat "damaged" shareholders in the fashion as has been experienced by CMKX shareholders, then our Markets are due to collapse


It is beyond time for action from the SEC.

There has been much talk about a March on Washington DC and in particular the SEC offices to publicly address this injustice. If it comes to this, I will be there willingly to March alongside fellow shareholders. As a citizen of American, I have the right to express myself and I will be proud to represent many fellow shareholders.

Barbara J Davidson