Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Paul D. Burkett

July 8, 2008

To whom it must be directed,
As a shareholder of CMKX I do realize that our funds that should have been released to us over a year ago still has not been done. As a shareholder in the U.S. Financial markets I'm appalled how so many that have raped and pillaged the American public still run rampant and are doing business as usual. Naked short selling stocks is a perfect way to fund organized crime. It's an exellent way for terrorists to raise monies needed to implement their plans against this country and others as well. The market maker exception rule HAS to be eliminated. If the S.E.C. does not take effective action against those creating fraud in these markets, then tens of thousands of investors in American markets will, with very good reason, leave these markets and find markets that ARE regulated.
It's so sad that CONGRESS, the CONGRESS of the United States of America is allowing one of it's subordinates to allow theft, deception, raping and pillaging of the average investor to continue on as it has for so long. Congress What are you doing about the S.E.C. and it's lack of controlling the markets. In talking to many investors, I find that they too, think that the S.E.C. has come to be a "joke".
Christopher Cox, as Director of the S.E.C., why are you allowing things to continue to go as they are? Why are you interested in running the average investor away from investing in U.S. markets? It's time for you people to realize that WE are not going away from watching you and your lack of control. We are truly interested in your every move. As an individual, I don't really understand all of the things you put out BUT in getting together with over a thousand individuals at a time to discuss them I begin to understand what you, at times, are throwing at the public, hoping we don't understand. AGAIN, I ask you to DO YOUR JOB Protect the average investor. Quit allowing Wall Street to do to so many companies, what they've done over the past many years. TODAY, would be a good day to start. Stop the fraud, the theft, the counterfeiting of stock. Quit allowing the Market makers, the brokers, the hedge funds, etc. to dilute the value of the stocks of U.S. companies. Watching these companies go belly up so that they never have to cover the stocks they illegally sold. PROTECT the average investor.