Subject: reg sho

July 8, 2008

To whom it may concern as a investor in the markets,and as a cmkx shareholder, it is aparent that the reg sho is not working what do we do to correct this.
seeing that the sec is the body of the inforcement in the markets, and seeing how that the marketmakers are just ignoring the rules and the law, for failure to deliver is out and out fraud, if i were to sell someone property that i did not own,it is criminal and i would be proscuted and would have seen the inside of a jail cell. But i know that this problem is so huge, that making the rules final and holding all of the market makers and brokers, to the rule of law would most likely kill our markets and this as we know cannot happen.
But if we implement the rules on the books as it applies to the intentional failure to deliver without ever intending to ever secure the shares that were sold to the investors, then the brokers must be held accountable period.

Thank you James Burns