Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: William K Novak

July 8, 2008

In reference to File Number S7-19-07.
I thought the SEC had control of policing wall street and all the trades which take place every day. Rules have been made and established to help the investor with his or her own sound investment.
I have been trading on wallstreet for many years. I have noticed a lot of my stocks going down for no apparent reason. I hear one group of people say I have made a bad investment. I then hear another group say the stock I own has been shorted and is on the SHO list. Well I watch and wait and the stock still stays on the list.
I do not understand why the SEC lets people buy a share of stock and the company that sells it to you fails to deliver the stock. I hear they supposibly have thirteen days to deliver and they don't. Slowly the stock is over sold and traders force the selling price down. There goes my investment,down the tubes. I believe when the SEC makes a rule they should inforce the rule. My investments are not safe anymore because of fails to deliver on wallstreet. Please change the law making process to include inforcement so peoiplke may sleep at night and enjoy long term investments. I have lost a lot of my retirement on wallstreet because of fails to deliver.Please rewrite File Number S7-19-07. Thank-you, a concerned CMKX shareholder