Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Bob Smith

July 8, 2008

You dirty (SEC) rat

It's too bad YOU choose not to include the OMM fails for the month of March.
That month saw some EXTREME FTDs due to the BSC takedown So many banks were taking to the woodshed in the month of March thanks to the OMM- and you our "corrupt" regulator conveniently forgot not to include the March OMM FTD stats- lovely.

Makes me wonder- why did you stop providing data at February?
Could it be because the FEB 6.9million OMM FTDS EXPLODED upwards in the month of March?

Would you (the SEC) purposefully withhold that data?

Close the OMM FTD exception.

Force broker-dealers to mark all securities as either long or short.

Force broker-dealers to document the present location of the securities being sold.

You have let hedge funds steal from me by allowing them to Bear Raid stocks with the OMM exception.
You have enabled hedge funds to steal from me, from my family- and from the savings of America.

No 401k is safe- no pension fund is secure from rouge hedge funds which purposefully fail to deliver in order to destroy equities.