Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: William Anderson
Affiliation: Senior Software Engineer

August 14, 2007

I applaud the SEC for looking at the issue of eliminating the options market maker exemption which appears to have been used as a means to increase the number of persistent Failure To Delivers (FTDs) of stock. Despite the SEC's to provide market and financial liquidity in the buying and selling of stocks, the SEC's intention has been easily abused by those intending to increase their gains through manipulation of the market.

1. The exemption provides a means for large funds to intimidate brokerages into allowing buys and sells of stock that cannot be accounted for. Brokers are also looking to make as much profit as possible they cannot afford to lose their deep-pocket clients for the virtue of integrity.

2. The exemption provides those who are misusing the markets with an excuse to blame the SEC for allowing them to conduct these practices in the first place. They do not have to take responsibility for what they are doing as long as they have the SEC to be their scapegoat.

3. In my opinion, I think I finally understand why Congress does not want Americans to invest their Social Security money themselves. Congress knows that the market is severely manipulated to a place where retirees will lost their money due to this type of chicanery, more than bad investments.

4. In my opinion also, I think that certain organizations, i.e. funds, brokerages, etc. have been getting a little too greedy. I understand that as a small investor I am swimming in the midst of sharks so I expect less of a return than professional investors. But I don't like the idea that I and my investment money are part of the sharks' regular diet. It appears that other countries are taking initiative in this are where we have not.

Remove the exemption, enforce the need to show that shares must be available to be bought or sold, and show a willingness to enforce the rules. I believe that is why the original rules were written and why the SEC has been given the responsibility to watch over our markets. Thanks