Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals

April 10, 2008

Dear SEC,
Below is indymedia link with my statement to the SEC of April 8(THAT SOMEHOW DIDN'T GET POSTED WITH THE EFFICIENCY THAT DAVID PATCH'S AND Rupert Murdoch'S Herald Sun WRITER Terry McCrann's DID)re Australian-Rupert Murdoch Herald Sun Hack Writer Terry McCrann's comments to the U.S. SEC re Naked Shorting.It still appears the term 'naked short selling' was made up by American penny stock pump and dump money launderers and that it only appeared in GB's Times of London and Guardian at the end of last year and in Rupert Murdoch's Australia 'news' papers at the beginning of the one.Also it appeared on the Australian Stock Exchange website for the first time in U.S. penny stock fraud history this year as well.Am I wrong ? Also because SEC Inspector General H. David Kotz came up in conversation on ragingbull.con being praised by anonymous penny stock touts on the USXP and JAGH - Cryptometrics scam pump and dump boards.So I wrote about him and my gut feelings after doing a little 'dd'.
Of course I would be glad to speak with Mr.Kotz just as David Patch has but of course it would appear that David Patch is a Washington,D.C. in sider just like James Dale Davidson and they are penny stock pump and dump professionals like David P Summers of Northern Virginia Bank and Dominion and Bankshares and Endovasc and American Bio Med etc..WHY HAS THE BANKER DAVID P SUMMERS BEEN ABLE TO POSE AS A BIOTECH GENIUS ALL THESE YEARS AND NEVER HAVE TO DISCLOSE HIS BELTWAY BANKER DAY JOB ?

Who am I ? A victim of their Washington,D.C.CONNECTED PENNY STOCK FRAUDS AND OFFSHORE MONEY LAUNDERING OPS.So I doubt Inspector General H. David Kotz would give me the time of day and would make my access to SEC records as difficult as his Peace Corps bureaucrats made it for the Dayton Daily News to get info on Peace Corps workers' deaths.Am I wrong ?
Tony Ryals

SEC Inspector General H. David Kotz:
Friend to Penny Stock Fraudster James Dale Davidson?
Plus:Rupert Murdoch's Australia Herald Sun Hack Writer Terry McCrann Aids Cryptometrics' New Zealand Passport Office Penny Stock Fraud

My comments (so far unposted) to the SEC re the Australian-Rupert Murdoch Australia Herald Sun Hack Writer Terry McCrann's comments to the U.S. SEC re Naked Shorting or 'naked short selling' ,A term completely non existent in the UK or Australia before Rupert Murdoch's rags began claiming Northern Rock was 'naked shorted' and then that even shares of the Australian Stock Exchange were Mainly only penny stocks have made the claim and stocks that pay dividends like Blue Chips don't make the claim because thet must pay dividends on each share.However the Patrick,Byrne,David Patch,Bud Burrell,(of and,made the claim for NFI or Nova Star Financial EVEN WHEN IT WAS A PONZI SCHEME PAYING DIVIDENDS WHILE LOAN SHARKING ON THE SIDE.
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Tony Ryals
Terry McCrann A Rupert Murdoch Paid Hack
Email: wolfblitzzer0 (at)
Terry McCrann A Rupert Murdoch Paid Hack
Dear SEC,
It appears this Australian and Rupert Murdoch paid con artist,Terry McCrann,posing as a 'securities' professional is,like his American colleagues David Patch,Gary Weiss and NY Post's Roddy Byrne,a paid hack.For the very reason that Rupert Murdoch no longer has Christopher Byron at the New York Post - he DOES employ con artists posing as journalists such as Terry McCrann,(or Gary Weiss who although officially a Steve Forbes of forbes.con employee was actually congratulated by one of his many anonymous blogspot posters-fans as the replacement for Rupert Murdoch's and the NY Post's Christopher Byron when he disappeared from the NY Post at the end of 2006 .Gary has been silent about 'MantanMoreland' his Wikipedia biographer 'editing' the 'naked short' scam subject first placed there(on Wikipedia),by's Patrick Byrne and his con artist friends.However Gary Weiss' anonymous Wiki biographer joined Patrick Byrne's gang in favor of the erasure of the Wikipedia James Dale Davidson biography I did implicating Steve Forbes' and probably Rupert Murdoch's colleague,James Dale Davidson,in starting or being the prime promoter of the naked short selling or the 'naked shorting' of U.S. penny stocks lie through his and Agora Inc's NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling(located out of Genemax's Blaine, Washington office in 2002),to both take attention from his illegal pump and dump operations(such as Genemax and Endovasc,etc.,etc.) as well as to use the fraudulent claim to help promote those penny stocks at the same time to suckers who believed him and his fellow internet cyber fraud operators such as David Patch.
You may recall I did an internet article-post last November re Northern Rock ,Ron Paul and the false claim of 'naked shorting' or naked short selling' appearing in the UK periodicals,(London Times as well as The Guardian at about the same time),and for the first time in history to my knowledge in 2007 Am I wrong ? Can the SEC's 'naked short selling experts, Christopher Cox or Paul Atkins,,who have mouthed the term so often but never sighted one example or named one company by name that was a victim of 'naked short selling' enlighten me ?
And I have googled the words 'naked short selling australia' and I CAN'T FIND A SINGLE REFERENCE TO THE TERM EARLIER THAN 2008 - THIS VERY YEAR -COINCIDENTALLY I did find that Thomas Ronk has opened a scam site which appears to be directed at the poor Australians for the purpose of deceiving and defrauding them - he specifically mentions it as American term or at least mainly related to U.S. stocks,(penny stocks),though - and scammy U.S. penny stocks are what he is trying to unload on some naive Australian suckers if he can.
I invite Rupert Murdoch's Mr.Terry McCrann to enlighten us all as to when this 'colloquialism' first entered into Australian and or New Zealand stock or 'securities'jargon.
I find somewhat to my surprise or shock that the term has now even,(also only in 2008),turned up on the website.But then again as I have,over the years,come to discover the corruption of NASDAQ employees,(Georgetown University's James Angel, NASD or Finantra and SEC and Georgetown's John Polise come to mind), - I am not really that surprised that the Australian Exchange has also been infiltrated by corrupt individuals who make 'colloquialisms' out of 'thin air',(Israeli PM Ehud Olmert's and Michael Zwebner's U.S. penny stock scam Air Water Corp comes to mind),in order to defraud and launder money through shares that the SEC - and quite possibly the Australian Exchange as well - do not audit.Thus my self created term - 'share-money laundering'.
I wonder if the great AUSTRALIAN MURDOCHIAN 'BUSINESS' JOURNALIST Terry McCrann CARES TO GIVE US SOME EXAMPLES OF U.S. OR AUSTRALIAN OR NEW ZEALAND STOCKS HE BELIEVES TO BE VICTIMS OF 'NAKED SHORTING' OR 'NAKED SHORT SELLING' ? DOES HE CARE TO COMMENT UP DAVID PATCH'S AND GARY VALINOTI'S JAG MEDIA HOLDINGS OR CRYPTOMETRICS PUMP AND DUMP FRAUD ? DOES HE RECOMMEND THIS 'COMPANY' TO BE THE BIOMETRICS 'PROFESSIONALS' TO HANDLE PRIVATE INFORMATION OF NEW ZEALAND PASSPORT APPLICANTS ? Does he care to venture to guess or inform us who is behind the 'naked shorting' of Cryptometrics con artists and mafiosi and if those criminals I mean biomnetrics professionals can't figure out who is 'naked shorting' their shares then what will be their excuse when all New Zealand passport holders find that their files and personal info hasd been 'naked shorted' from the New Zealand passport office and given to Patch or James Dale Davidson or to the U.S. 'intelligence' services or perhaps the Israeli or Chinese government by 'mistake' ?RememberDavid Patch's pal James Dale Davidson not only has far right connections(mafia,CIA ?) in the U.S. but also IN THE uk(Lord William Rees-Mogg,,as well as New Zealand but also in Israel who might want some revenge upon New Zealand for their own New Zealand 'intelligence' passport scandal of a couiple of years back.And James Dale Davidson has been working with Israelis in U.S. penny stock frauds such as Pluristem right from his National Taxpayers Union office in beautiful downtown Alexandria,Virginia - a local phne call away from the Securities Exchange Commission and its outstanding leader Chris 'Naked Shorts' Cox.
Tony Ryals

Because Terry McCrann's mis-information appeared in both The Australian AS WELL AS The Australian Herald Sun - I investigated - and sure enough both rags belong to the scummy scam artist and Fox News war fraud - Rupert Murdoch :,25197,23486176-14743,00.html
The naked truth: short selling must be banned
Terry McCrann April 05, 2008
Australia: Murdoch-sponsored conference outlines "new agenda" for ...31 Mar 2008 ... A two-day conference sponsored by the Murdoch-owned Australian newspaper, held in Melbourne last week and titled "New Agenda for Prosperity" ... - 24k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Herald Sun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaCritics say that the Herald Sun exhibits a right-wing bias, with some arguing that it reflects the view of Rupert Murdoch, who is the chief executive ...
from 'naked short selling australia' google search :
Short selling is colloquially categorised as either 'naked' or 'covered'. It is generally agreed that a 'naked' short sale is asale where the seller does not own and has not borrowed or arranged to borrow securities at the time of the sale, but intends to purchase or borrow securities in order to meet the three business day (T+3) settlement obligation.
................................................ Australia New Zealand News Commentary
is a service designed to help bonafide shareholders of publicly traded US companies fight naked short selling. Naked short selling is the illegal act of ...
naked short selling is non existent
'colloquilism' in australia