Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals
Affiliation: U.C.Berkeley Grads James Angel,Josh Ridless Join SEC Chris Cox's Fraud Speech Movement

March 12, 2008

Dear SEC,
I guess my 'investment'in Stanford University's and ex SEC Commissioner Joseph Grundfest's Endovasc scam was for me a death sentence wasn't it ? Ex SEC Commissioner Joseph Grundfest as Stanford law department's foremost securities attorney should have been the first to warn about Washington,D.C. banker David P Summers posing as a biotech inventor and genius but he didn't.Why ? Does anyone at the Securities Exchange Commission have an answer ? And how can you allow his and James Dale Davidson's and corrupt Houston attorney John O'Quinn's fraudulent claim about Endovasc shares being 'naked shorted' to go on ?

Below is a link and brief quote from my most recent internet article titled,'U.C.Berkeley Grads James Angel,Josh Ridless Join SEC Chris Cox's Fraud Speech Movement' and the intro discussing what I really appear to have 'invested' in,- i.e.- the torture of Afghan citizens I
don't even know and have no reason or purpose for having
contributed money to torture.I can't live with myself and can't imagine how the war criminals who lyed about 'WMDS'
in Iraq and sat quiet as Idema's corrupt Los Angeles attorney siphoned $125,000 from Endovasc on around the time he was representing Idema and even after his years of penny stock fraud,i.e.- Harvard Scientific,etc.,in cahoots
with,'transfer agent'or money launderer,Alexander H Walker of Nevada Agency and Trust Corporation How can you all ?
Maybe Christopher Cox has a secret in lying people to their deaths and still sleeping at night.Maybe you all can ask him to reveal that secret - because I can't live with myself much less in a situation of poverty I've endured and death threats etc. from the penny stock criminals he allows to operate and launder money with.He of course has never experienced the effects of his corrupt politics and the securities fraud he pretends doesn't exist.I have.It would appear that worthless U.S. penny stocks are a form American 'hawalla' - that is used for 'dirty dirty deeds' indeed

Anyway I wish to add this link from milwaukee.indymedia for the record,particularly to show the outrageous and frivolous attorney's fees that SF attorney Joshua Ridless charged in order to bankrupt me and help Charles Schwab cover up their own corrupt market making and profiteering in Endovasc and allowing me to be told I was 'naked shorted'.In fact I am sure Endovasc,like James Dale Davidson's Genemax,were both manipulated at least in part through LOM of Bermuda but the SEC wishes to cover this up as well and so does 'my attorney' Josh Ridless who is also refusing to give me even the documents I paid him to get from Los Angeles court regarding Francis Pizzulli and the Endovasc criminals who gave him $125,000 in shares or cash from defrauded investors such as myself.
Did this money from Endovasc go to finance or defend Jack Idema's Afghanistan activities of torture or worse in that Kabul house were human beings - pre Abu Ghraibe - were hung upside down for god knows why or how long ? I paid for the answer from Josh Ridless but I certainly didn't get it. So I have paid my dues to the U.S. legal system to try and atone for the horror and Josh Ridless as you can see by following the link to my article post on the milwaukee indymedia did get the Los Angeles court documents I paid for re Endovasc and Pizzulli - but he refuses to simply email them to me
So what does the SEC 'investor education' department and its ex 'Peace Corp' director advise me to do ? Is this his philosophy as well - to use defrauded American investors' money to terrorize and torture people in third world countries ?
Tony Ryals