Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals
Affiliation: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Air Water Corp stock fraud promotes pedophilia

March 3, 2008

Dear SEC,
I believe you should post this in its entireity for the simple reason that ragingbull.con has a way of deleting or taking offline incriminating evidence from their dark alley of the internet in order to protect the penny stock muggers they give space to,work with,and whose penny stock frauds and money laundering operations they profit from.It would be good if ragingbull restored all pre 2002 and pre 9/11/01 posts they have blocked since around that time as historic archives of penny stock fraud that investigators and defrauded investors can have access to.However this at the bottom of UCY touting and pedophilia promotions by
'scu' or Stephen Cunningham who has threatened my life for Michael Zwebner and as it turns out Prime Minister Ehud Olmert should be here for the public record in case they are able to have it removed from ragingbull.con as they have so many of 'scu' promotions of Zwebner's and Richard Altomare of USXP,etc.,promotions...

And perhaps someone other than the SEC might be interseted in the connection between penny stock promotions and the promotion of underage sex and pedophilia as well.Or maybe
SEC Christopher Cox can come here and see what all his
corrupt weakening of regulations and 'safe harbor' for fraud rules and regulations he was responsible for getting by even a Bill Clinton veto in the 1990's has wraught.He must be proud.

Tony Ryals