Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals

February 26, 2008

Dear SEC,
It should be noted that Michael Zwebner and his Israeli pal Ehud Olmert's UCSY or AWTI has also claimed that it was 'naked shorted' briefly but strangely that was too tall a tale even for Zwebner to maintain with a straight face so he only did one lying pr on that I believe.Also Stephen Cunningham who has threatened me over the internet and the threats are still on the www,is connected to USXP's Altomare as well as to Zwebner.
NY Times' Floyd Norris who is allowing him to post on his blog without disclosing real facts as well as Forbes' Gary Weiss apparently wish to cover this fact up as well as the Ehud Olmert UCSY connection and Zwebner's apparent use of male prostitutes paid with money to BRIBE OR ENTERTAIN ZWEBNER AND PALS,PARTICULARLY CUNNINGHAM.
Further thesanitycheck dot con's Bud Burrell who like all of that group is pretending to be a regular investor but is even part of Mark Faulk's,'s CFRN - THAT USES CHRISTIANITY AS PART OF ITS SCAM TO DEFRAUD INVESTORS.I wish you would please check out the lies they say about me as well as insinuations of torture.Does he have a CIA background or does the U.S. government and SEC have another motive for allowing such criminal sleeze to profit from U.S. 'securities' fraud ?

Tony Ryals

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert,'Orthodox Jews',Stock Fraud,Gay Prostitutes and Death Threats

Had Ehud Olmert been involved in Michael Zwebner's multi-million or centi-million dollar swindle in Israel instead of the USA and had he profited from a stock fraud whose money went to harrass and intimidate and threaten the lives of Israeli citizens as he and his 'business' partners have done to Americans and to pay lawyers(with money from UCSY penny stock scam) in an attempt to suppress Americans Constutional rights to free speech and to hire male prostitutes - he may not have gotten off as lightly as his other partner in U.S. penny stock fraud and money laundering,ex Israeli President Moshe Katsav.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's American Crime Family: 9/11, WTC,'Orthodox Jews',
Stock Fraud,Gay Prostitutes and Death Threats

by Tony Ryals