Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Bob Smith

February 4, 2008

So the MBI ABK saga is interesting:

MBI and ABK have been naked shorted to the hilt

The shorters are trying to kill the stock with the one two punch of a negative media blitz coupled with naked short selling.

With naked short selling they are trying to kill the sale of equity and common stock sales- they have already successfully killed some equity sales.
If they can kill the equity sales and the cash infusions that they could provide- they hope that the credit agencies will downgrade their credit ratings- which will in turn hasten the demise of the equity.

The naked short sellers couldnt decimate the market cap legitimately so they naked short/ counterfeit FTDed the companies by an obscene amount.

MBI and ABK is- and has been on REG-SHO for a while now.

The media puppets bash and bash- but they never mention REG-SHO.
Shorts are desperately trying to get the SEC to shut the bond insurers down

The illegal shorts are so desperate to kill the insurers that they are literally demanding that Mbi and Abk not pay a dividend.
How many shares have been illegally created that the illegal shorts are demanding the regulators (both federal and state) to shut down the bond insurers?

Here is where is gets interesting:
Every single Mbi share is held by a few large institutions- so then I ask you what is it that is trading each and every single day?

Did you catch that?

The institutions and mutual funds own over 100% of the issued and outstanding- what then do we (I) own?
How many naked- counterfeit failures to deliver shares are floating around out there?

Again I ask you- the SEC
What is it that is trading each and every single day?

How many fake- naked- counterfeit shares are floating around out there?
And what exactly do I own if not real MBI and ABK shares?

Lets look at the playbook:
1- naked short the equity
2- if the equity is naked shorted supply drowns out any and all demand
3- with more supply than demand the equity plummets in value
4- if the stock value has plummeted it becomes virtually impossible to sell equity at a decent valuation in order to strengthen the balance sheet.
5- the illegal short seller demands that the SEC opens an investigation in the equity which they have a large- VERY LARGE- open short interest in
6- the illegal short seller tries to get all shareholders to participate in frivolous lawsuits
7- the illegal short seller will blame the decrease in share price on management- but never on the counterfeit shares that they created and sold
8- the illegal short seller orders multiple hacks in the media to bash and to portray said companies in the worst possible light
9- the illegal short seller naked shorts so many shares that the equity lands on REG-SHO
10- the illegal shorts know that the SEC is so inept- so slow- so unable to do anything- that the SEC cant or wont read the basher / short playbook.
11- the illegal shorts also know that the SEC will never sanction, or fine the hedge funds any meaningful amount for the created phantom shares

At this point we know that the big boys (Hedge Funds) dont have to settle their trades. The hedge funds DO NOT have to adhere to the settlement rules and regulations that the SEC has set forth. The hedge funds can create fake / counterfeit phantom FTDs in their target companies and they can rape retail shareholders with impunity.

The naked shorts have had their way for so long- that they are currently throwing tantrums. They are begging and pleading to get their way with the SEC- they are using all of their media shills- and writing letters to anyone and everyone in order to kill the markets -by- destroying the insurers so that their illegal shorts make them hundreds of billions- and why not? This playbook has worked flawlessly for the naked shorts- and it has worked for years and the SEC has never caught on

You- the SEC should be ashamed of yourselves.