Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals
Affiliation: James Dale Davidson,Agora Inc, 'Naked Short Claim Fraud

January 22, 2008

Dear SEC,
By now the SEC should know quite well those claiming that NFI,Overstock.con or Jag Media Holdings be victims of 'naked shorting' here are part of the massive penny stock fraud ands crime family the US SEC and Christopher Naked Shorts Cox has allowed to proliferate.


Cox was busy in 1995 writing law in Congress that would lead up to this massive fraud and fraudulent naked shorting claims while James Dale Davidson of Agora Inc and the National Taxpayers Union was paying Oxford handwriting expert to claim Bill Clinton killed Vince Foster in order to take Clinton's eye off the ball and override his veto of Christopher Cox's fraudulent legislation.(It is rumored his and Bill Bonner's pal the Lord William Rees-Mogg,(not an American citizen but part of Agora Inc of Baltimore and its unending internet stock scams),was in talks with Luciane Goldman re Monica Lewinski's stained dress at about the same time.

It still is probable Davidson is behind the NCANS and the NFI scam along with NCANS gang of Patrick Byrne.Even the media AND EVEN Wikipedia has been corrupted in this fraud thanks largely to Steve Forebes' employee Gary Weiss who poses as an investigative journalist.Weiss and Agora Inc connected pseudo-repoter Lila Rajiva both have vanity biographies written for them by anonymous 'editors' there. And any facts about James Dale Davidson's and Agora Inc's involvement is censored or sanitisized by ex Chicago Mercantile Exchange connected Jimbo Wales who apparently has turned Wikipedia into a place for fraud and penny stock con artists posing as editors.

It appears that even the fraudulent rumor of naked shorting of worthless penny stocks began on your website right here.Again can the SEC or Chris Cox find any reference to a 'naked short selling' claim before it appeared on your own scam website in 1999 ? You allow these criminals to run rampant and Afgora Inc and James Dale Davidson and Bill Bonnerr run their criminal penny stock operation in Baltimore right under your noses.Does Christopher Cox know James Dale Davidson ?

Also your own 'IT' people SRA International have had their
shares promoted from Kuala Lumpur by with the apparent blessing of the CIA.I say this because the CIA was and I presume still is a major shareholder for this far right government spying and internet operation through it for profit 'non-profit' In-Q-Tel operation whose only revenue besides manipulating its own shares is
the U.S. government Mantas the supposed anti-money laundering software created by SRA International SHOULD HAVE BEEN able to stop the illegal pumps and dumps between LOM of Bermuda and Charles Schwab and Congressman Tim Mahoney's vFinance in 2002 and stopped the fraudulent naked shorting claims of Davidson and NAANSS at that time.
Instead thanks to their fine work the White House can't find crucial email once again even though SRA International could have savwed that email Why ?

And don't forget ex CIA Chief George Tenet attended a penny stock conference organised by Agora and its many
scam internet tout masters in New Orleans in 2004.So the very people,CIA and FBI,we should depend upon to stop fraud and money laundering in Kuala Lumpur,etc., are instead aiding,abetting and profiting from it.

- Tony Ryals

BFI Consulting,Mark Skousen,Lila Rajiva
By do they pimp U.S. penny stocks ? on 1/19/2008 8:23:57 PM

I was wondering if BFI Consulting that was at the Mark Skousen,Ron Paul,James Dale Davidson, 'Libertarian'
'Freedom Fest' or Fraud Freedom Fest as I see it is involved with U.S. penny stocks.I mean what else would cause Mark Skousen to invite them in the first place ?

If you search this message board for 'porter stansberry' you will
find his discussion of his 2006 attendence along with Bill Bonner
his boss at Agora Inc.,Baltimore. Lila Rajiva is a newer Agora Inc personality who now touts Ron Paul as if he were another cheap Agora Inc penny stock.I noted Ms.Rajiva recently announced on her blog that she WOULD NOT attend the Freedom Fest in 2008
OR attend a BFI Consulting gathering in Bermuda either.I didn't know she planned to attend either till she made her blog announcement. She never explained why.

Lila Rajiva actually emailed me in 2005 shortly before Porter Stansberry did.That email from and to Porter can also be found on this message board.She was in complete denial about James Dale Davidson being the or even A founder of Agora Inc and her book with Bonner was more important than the truth.Even Porter Stansberry said in his communication shortly after hers that
Davidson was a or the founder but sold it - he tries to make it soiund like he sold all his interest in the 1970's which would be a lie unless it was a legal tactic to protect the guilty.

Ha ha she also wrote a whole blog in November on her NOT being a CIA agent.Hee hee. Hell she's in bed with penny stock scamsters and Wall Street and Beltway rats if she's in bed with Bill Bonner of Agora Inc..And if she's involved with Agora she of course would most likely be associating with the CIA cause their the biggest penny stock pimps of all.Well anyways I guess not ALL bimbos have blonde hair........I wonder if she attended the
Freedom Fest this last year and had the pleasure of meeting James Dale Davidson's bimbo,I mean 'Miss Brazil' ?

In fact I wonder if she knows that Mark Skousen who touted her and Bill Bonner's vanity book or book to promote their Agora Inc penny stock 'holding company' is himself a worthless penny stock tout just like Bonner,Stanberry and Davidson ? Or that the
cheap tout Skousen who runs the Agora Inc investmentu scam site also used the heritage foundation website to peddle his worthless wares ? Maybe Ron Paul should investigate.Lila Rajiva has even written about Ron Paul like he is a cheap penny stock in need of touting.And she touted him pretty good.Ha.

Tony Ryals

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Re: BFI Consulting,Mark Skousen,Lila Rajiva
By my email from lila rajiva on 1/20/2008 12:25:02 PM

From: Lila Rajiva

Subject: Re Agora and Davidson
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 00:25:56
Dear Mr. Ryall,

"Copyrighted Content Redacted"

Lila Rajiva

Dear Mr. Ryals:

"Copyrighted Content Redacted"

Kind regards
Lila Rajiva
To: Lila Rajiva
Subject:Re: Re Agora and Davidson
Fri, 28 Oct 2005 18:08:49

Fri, 28 Oct 2005 18:08:49

Dear Lila Rajiva,
In case you didn't see it,below is from Davidson's is highlighted as the 'The Body Count' because Davidson,who used his,(AND AGORA INC'S),'Strategic Investment' stock 'research' mailing,with ex-CIA Chief Colby's name on its letterhead,was at the time of Colby's mysterious drowning, trying to claim Clinton killed him,Davidson's ex-employee, just as Clinton,according to Davidson,'had killed Vince
FosterWilliam Colby was despised by the far right for blocking the use of the CIA to stop Watergate investigation and for his statements at Congressional hearings in the 1970's,etc..Until quite recently I could go to the site,(it was only mailed
to paying clients in Colby's day),and see the front page promising 100's of % returns,as do so many Agora Inc.tout sites and mailing coincidentally,but I mentioned on Yahoo's NFI board that the current website warned of a coming
housing crash.That may have led to it being blocked,('Bob O'Brien' or James Dale Davidson was made aware I was monitoring it by that message board post).This is probably why you can't get to the old Agora Inc.'Vantage Point' articles either - I have used them on the internet to expose the
stock fraud and lies of Agora as best I could,so only what I've put on internet are accessible.I believe Bonner and Agora who even advertise agoracom etc. in Washington Post wanted to seperate the supposed 'anti-naked shorting' scam from Agora because if the fraud were exposed Agora would be implicate. Just my theory but as you can see from what I sent you James Dale Davidson was claiming he was a victim of naked short sellers(like me,ha)as recently as 2004 in Agora's 'Vantage Point'.
So I only send you the first part of newsmax's article,
'William Colby's Death Mystery'.You can use link to read the rest where he zooms in why 'Clinton did it' if you
wish.But what 'blows my mind' about the article is that the British and Davidson and probably Lord Rees-Mogg associated author who began his anti-Clinton career by claiming Clinton killed Vince Foster,(even lying about Foster being left or right handed to back his story),says as you can read,someone in his circle predicts Colby's death a month in advance
Just read what he wrote below.Are far right wingers psychic ? I don't think so.Psychotic maybe.Well Lila if there is really anything I might like to hear from you sometime,at your convenience,is that yes Davidson does in indeed claim to be the founder of Agora Inc.,at least until his recent run in with the SEC.AND BILL BONNER DOES INDEED ALLOW HIM TO DO SO.Is this not so or has being defrauded so completely by Davidson
made me lose control of my reasoning abilities ?(I sent you the Agora SF Symposium 2003 and Endovasc press release, etc.,which states that,correct ?
If you were the real and only founder as Bonner now clims to be wouldn't you be mad as hell an employee and questionable one at that,was going around claiming to be founder of a company you started ? No ?A long while ago I contacted Hillary Clinton's office about James Dale Davidson's stock fraud.I never received a reply and doubt seriously she or anyone in
her office looked into it.Also I never read or perused the index of Bill Clinton's best seller.But I bet for some reason Bill Clinton didn't even mention Davidson in passing although he layed such a determined role in fraudulently smearing him for things he never did.Why ? I don't know.
Davidson was also a Rhodes scholar like Clinton although before him,but my gut feeling is they may both know too much about each others garbage.
The Body Count: Add One More
Christopher Ruddy Related
Articles:William Colby's Death Mystery

It was March of 1996. My cell phone rang. My literary agent was on the line.Cross Colby off the list. He's dead.Colby is dead I said with some shock.Yes, I just heard on the radio he died in a car crash my agent said.I did not know former CIA Director Bill Colby, nor did my agent. But we both knew James Dale Davidson, editor of the investment newsletter Strategic Investment. Davidson was not only an associate of Colby's, but Colby had worked for Davidson as a contributing editor for his newsletter.At the time of my agent's call, he was attempting to find a publisher for my book on the Vince Foster case. We still had no publisher, and my agent had floated the idea of William Colby writing the proposed book's foreword. This would serve several purposes. Colby, as a former CIA chief, would give the book some credibility with a publisher.Colby had been a key figure in the Watergate scandal after he refused to allow the CIA to block the FBI probe on the Watergate burglary. Colby could not be accused of being part of a right-wing conspiracy. After leaving the CIA, he argued for unilateral disarmament and became a fixture at the left-wing Institute for Policy Studies.My agent thought Colby might be open to the idea. After all, he worked for Davidson and Davidson openly claimed Foster was murdered, pointing the finger at the Clinton White House.But now the idea of a Colby foreword seemed lost.I called Davidson and asked him if he had heard the news about Colby. His voice became strained. He sounded stunned when I told him.But, of course, Colby had not died that March. He died a month later. My agent was wrong. To this day, he swears he heard something, and to this day, we laugh about the Jungian wrinkle in time. Davidson was peeved at me for the false report, as he well should have been.On April 29, 1996, the wires flashed with hot news: Former CIA Director William Colby had disappeared from his country home on the Wicomico River in Maryland.
Authorities suspected he died in a canoeing accident, as his waterlogged canoe was found on the shore near his home.A week later, his body surfaced in the marsh near his home. After a perfunctory autopsy, local police authorities closed the case as an accident.Still, there were many reasons to suspect foul play.These suspicions began as soon as the initial press reports came out. As expected, the Associated Press ran the first wire story. Colby "was missing and presumed drowned" the AP reported. The wire story said he died as the result of an apparent boating accident.Quoting a source close to Mrs. Colby, who was in Texas at the time her husband disappeared, the AP stated Colby had spoke via phone with his wife on the day he disappeared. He told her he was not feeling well, "but was going canoeing anyway.This would be an important clue pointing to an accidental death, had it been true. But someone fabricated this story out of whole cloth. A week later, Colby's wife rebutted the AP report, telling the Washington Times her husband was well, and made no mention of canoeing.This initial, false report that relieved obvious suspicion was, for me, a red flag of a cover-up.Interesting, too, were the obituaries being written. All detailed Colby's fabled career in the World War II-era OSS, the James Bond-like spy who parachuted behind Nazi lines and became a stellar CIA agent. After heading up the Company's Phoenix program in Vietnam, Colby was tapped by President Nixon for the position of DCI -- Director of Central Intelligence. These obituaries detailed a formidable list of Colby's associations after he left the CIA.Yet, nowhere did any media report Colby's most significant occupation at the time of his death -- contributing editor for Davidson's Strategic Investment.Odd that Colby's major affiliation at the same time of his death deserved no notice.Strategic Investment is a prestigious financial newsletter with more than 100,000 readers each month. It is co-edited by James Davidson, a national figure, as well as William Lord Rees-Mogg, former editor of the Times of London.This curious omission takes on great importance when one understands one of Strategic Investment's key aspects. It has been one of the leading, real opposition publications to Bill and Hillary Clinton in the United States.Davidson and Rees-Mogg have never pulled any punches about the Clintons. Each month, the newsletter detailed the Clintons' sordid drug, mob, and murder connections. Davidson had been a friend of Bill Clinton and had frequented Little Rock.
He even had donated the maximum amount allowable to Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign.In 1993, Davidson had an awakening about Clinton. My reporting on Foster, investigative reports by British reporter Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, and columns by Strategic Investment's Washington insider Jack Wheeler, had convinced Davidson that Clinton was linked to organized crime, had subverted the U.S. law enforcement agencies, and was a danger to America's institutions and financial well-being.As an editor for Davidson's newsletter, Colby never wrote about the Clintons or touched upon these matters. He did, however, lend his name to Davidson's enterprise. The newsletter's reach was multiplied by the effect of the millions of direct-mail pieces Davidson's organization sent to homes across the country seeking new subscribers.I was shocked by one such direct-mail booklet.
The cover headlined the Clintons' connection with murder and drugs. I opened the first page, and the first picture I saw was William Colby's. Another headline blazed that Strategic Investment was "An Investor's CIA. Colby was prominently displayed, as was his endorsement. This was brilliant marketing on behalf of Strategic, but when I saw it, I thought Colby was swimming in dangerous waters.This turned out to be literally true when he was found floating on the Wicomico. Like the Foster death, the circumstances of Colby's passing made little sense.When police entered his country home, they found both his radio and computer left on.Investigators found dinner dishes on a table and clam shells in the kitchen sink." Friends say this was unusual for Colby, a meticulous man.The canoe was found conveniently waterlogged near the waterfront part of his home. Considering the swift current of the Wicomico, that made sense only if he died very close to the shoreline near his property. Yet authorities using scuba divers and sophisticated radar couldn't find his body there.And a canoe is an extremely seaworthy boat. How did it become lodged and waterlogged on the riverbank?
Had Colby been stricken by a heart attack and fallen off, as has been speculated, the canoe should have completely capsized or safely righted itself, not become waterlogged and moved by the current to the Colby waterfront.Then there were other telling problems. Colby was found with no lifejacket. He always wore one when on the water. The scrupulous search for him should have turned up the floating life jacket or the buoyant paddle. Neither was found.An autopsy by a Maryland coroner found that Colby had died of drowning. The autopsy also claimed that the drowning was precipitated -- get this -- by a heart attack or stroke. Take your pick. But the coroner found no evidence of eitherPolice homicide investigators always treat drowning deaths with great suspicion. Trained killers know that someone killed by drowning is buried in deep water, a target of predatory sea life. After days there, the body is mutilated by sea life to such a degree that any signs of a struggle are difficult to identify.In the days after Colby's demise, I was disturbed by the many parallels to the Foster death: the circumstances that just didn't add up, the outrageously phony initial press reports, the quick official rush to judgment by investigative agencies, the questionable autopsy.My feathers were ruffled more when I received a call from Peter Birkett, an investigative reporter from Britain's Daily Express. Peter had been rushed over to the United States, he said, because the paper's intelligence sources in MI5 had claimed Colby was assassinated by U.S. government operatives. Peter's job was to ferret out the facts.

Lila Rajiva


Re: Re Agora and Davidson

Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 23:17:44
Mr. Ryals,
To:Lila Rajiva

Subject:Re: Re Agora and Davidson Thu, 27 Oct 2005 18:03:13


And check out this link and below Sjuggerud is honorably mentioned of course by Agora related
Stansberry Associates.


China Fund Scam Stansberry Associates
Lila Rajiva

Subject: Re: Re Agora and Davidson
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 02:19:44

Dear Mr. Ryals,

"Copyrighted Content Redacted"


To:Lila Rajiva
Subject:Re: Re Agora and Davidson
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 20:52:05 Wed, 26 Oct 2005 20:52:05

Dear Lila Rajiva:
I'm not sure how much of what I've been posting on internet you've seen.Not everything is on baltimore.indymedia.I use utah.indymedia a bit and indybay and quite a few others.
Indymedia in Bristol is the only one that censored me although I can't find ''J D Davidson of 'Clinton killed V Foster',a fraud'',on Arkansas indymedia though the rest is there when I SEARCH 'RYALS'there.
Anyway New Zealand and Australian indymedias let my 'Is James Dale Davidson using New Zealand ?' post stay up.I tried to check out India's indymedia but haven't found it so far.Thought about posting my unfinished 100 something page rhyme 'Aryan Agrarian' there.(hee hee)If you go to starting in February you will find my and 'Bob O'Brien's'(who I believe is Davidson or his parrot)confrontations.It does appear from what I picked up from Bonner's writing he went to Georgetown,a place I am beginning to despise for turning out so many phoney cons and allowing James Angel to promote 'naked shorting' as a problem in the video infomercial O'Brien and 'Bloody' Mary Campbell Helburn and Patrick Byrne made that co-starred James Angel and Senator Bennett.And Angel claims to never have met and I presume to never have heard of Davidson and his NTU in Alexandria a few milles away who pioneered the naked short claim to take attention from his illegal penny stock pump and dump and possibly money laundering activities that John Reed Stark of SEC and Georgetown do nothing about.I would have raided and Yahoo message boards years ago if I were SEC and got the names of those touting penny stock scams there and promoting the supposed 'anti-naked short selling' scam.INSTEAD BECAUSE THEY DON'T I PUT IN HOURS EVERYDAY FOR YEARS TO WARN OTHERS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO ME ON RAGINGBULL.COM 'S EVSC message board. Anyway check below to see James Davidson himself from 2004 Agora 'Vantage Point'talking about me,'crazy dog',and 'naked shorting'.
So Agora and Bill Bonner have promoted a fraud and Davidson was dumping millions of shares of EVSC and GMXX(named for newsmax ?),as he claimed they were being 'naked shorted' including by Schwab who allowed them an account, possibly LOM of Bermuda's,to dump from.Have you seen Davidson and the Lord Rees Mogg's et al.'s '' ?
Bad.Also NY Post's Roddy what's his name started a whole thing about 'O'Brien'being a Phil Saunders.He has not even metioned Davidson by name or explained how a guy who claimed to never have heard of 'NAANSS' WOULLD COINCIDENTALLY CREATE 'NCANS'.I believe a plagiarism expert would have fun with that and agree with me on the acrym alone.And coincidence that 'National' is in the NTU acronym as well ? It seems suspicious to me that NY Post would divert attention from Davidson particularly as Rupert Murdoch was employer of Davidson's buddy Rees-Mogg at London Financial Times.And Lord Rees-Mogg in a disclosure to House of Lords listed several Davidson related scams including that he was receiving income from.And Porter Stansberry who was let off the hook for touting Genemax, Endovasc and USU,RECENTLY WROTE AN ARTICLE INSINUATING Patrick Byne's was a victim of 'naked shorting' This furthers my suspicion of an Agora -NCANS connection at leat indirectly.Ithing Agora decided to not make lot of noise about 'naked shorting' and let Davidson find or create new scam sites for that particular fraud.Now why would Agora have so many websites and penny stock tout sites ? I believe they or insiders to Agora have made more fly by night internet sites than they even acknowledge. The 'NAANSS'website would be one example as well as and if I'm correct.You can't imagine how distraught I am to have been conned on the internet by my 'fellow Americans' when I thought I was supporting a real Stanford patent and a Texas biotech and now to realise I was aiding illegal pump and dump and possbly even money laundering and the SEC or other bureaucracicies don't even care post 911 and for them it is 'business as usual'. Also I sure hope that your being Baltimore,and being anti-fascist as for as I can make out,increases your interest in Agora and just who and what the hell they are.No one has really done this including Carol Remond of WSJ who Davidson and coincidentally 'Bob O'Brien' and Patrick Byrne despise.I wonder what Bonner would say if you asked some good questions about Davidson,including why he claims he is the founder.And does Bonner believe the naked short selling issuse is a serious problem seeing as how no blue chip stocks have complained and does he realise Davidson was dumping perhaps millions of shares of gmxx and evsc as he claimed they were being 'naked shorted' ? I note how he you,almost making it look like you were endorsing the real estate speculation,so I think he owes you some journalistic time and I hope you collect.And as a change of topic I noted your writing and comments re Mother Teresa that is very similar to mine although you added an interesting detail or two I was unaware of.Do a google search 'pope's miconceptions about conception history' and you should find my writing on the catholic church,the four elements,and birth control.I'll have to dig up what I wrote in 2000 called 'The Not So Silent Scream' and post it on indymedia.Sincerely
Tony Ryals

Agora 'Vantage Point',2004 :
Lies, Lies, Lies:
Stalkers Meet the Stock Market
It is hard to imagine a retiree or a housewife with time on her hands suddenly deciding to make a hobby of posting anonymous slanders on the GeneMax thread. But one can read dozens of embittered messages there complaining of everything but the real problem. For example, some bozo whose screen name translates to crazy dog recently posted an outrageous slander of me:Does Davidson, as founder of National Taxpayers Union, ever pay taxes on fraud pump-dumps he's orchestrated using naked shorting subterfuge to mask his fraud?
In one sentence he manages to falsely imply that I have engaged in a whole range of felonies. I don't know whether to feel flattered that the naked short sellers find me so formidable an opponent that they would stoop to anonymous smears, or to hire a bodyguard.In any event, I would hope that Mr.crazy dog is well paid for his pains. With the possible exception of a few demented people I've crossed paths with, I can't imagine anyone other than stalkers and major parishioners of naked short selling being so obsessed with me. And what humanitarian motive could explain the smears they pour down on GeneMax - a company that if it can raise sufficient funding may possibly help cure cancer?
Go figure.The Electronic Counterfeiter's Worst Nightmare:Circle
Group Holdings Rallies

The worst nightmare of naked short sellers is that the companies they attack should survive and actually succeed. When that happens, as recently occurred in the case of Circle Group Holdings Inc. (CXN: AMEX), the counterfeiters are obliged to enter the market and buy the duly authorized shares of the capital stock of the company they have sold. CXN rose by nearly 30,000%, from 3 cents to almost $9, as naked short sellers were obliged to buy and deliver shares they counterfeited prior to CXN's move to the AMEX.When you think of what happened in the case of Circle Group Holdings, you can see why the malicious charges leveled against me by anonymous smear-mongers on Web sites are ridiculous. If their assertions that I was orchestrating naked short selling were correct, I would hardly have
become one of the leading critics of the practice. Nor would I continue to champion the causes of the companies I had under by allegedly selling wave after wave of electronically counterfeited stock.And as the example of CXN demonstrates, the damage done to the share prices of companies targeted for destruction by electronic counterfeiters is also measure of their upside potential - for everyone but the counterfeiters.Of course,even the most virulent rantings of Mr.crazy dog are unlikely to carry much weight with thinking people. To orchestrate more effective smears the electronic counterfeiters needed a more apparently credible platform. An Internet site called our-street. com emerged to fill the market arising from naked short sellers for seemingly trustworthy smears of small-cap companies that threaten to succeed.Thus for one reason or another, and its marquee character, who writes under the pseudonym Nick Tracy, stepped up to service this market. Our-street immediately began hurling accusations about securities violations left and right. I first became aware of Nick Tracy and his tendentious expos#65533s when someone sent me a copy of an hysterical attack he did on ChampionLyte Products (CPLY: OTCBB) , a company which I and a group of investors took a portfolio interest as it attempted to restructure its balance sheet and realize the potential of its low-carb sports drink.
James Davidson,Vantage Point

From: Lila Rajiva

Subject: Re Agora and Davidson
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 00:25:56
Dear Mr. Ryall,

"Copyrighted Content Redacted"

Lila Rajiva

Re: BFI Consulting,Mark Skousen,Lila Rajiva
By lila rajiva is no carol remond on 1/20/2008 7:15:37 PM

All the below is correspondence between Carol Remond including her article that relates to Bill Bonner's,James Dale Davidson's,the Lord William Rees-Mogg's,Mark Skousen's,'s
Agora Inc of Baltimore and now as cyrber fraud all over the world wide internet.

- Tony Ryals

Subject RE: Jim Davidson -- Change header --- Standard Header Full Header

Sent Date 11-01-2005 8:58:17 AM

"Remond, Carol"


"Copyrighted Content Redacted"

Thanks again,


Carol S. Remond

Special Writer

Dow Jones News

201 938 2074

"Copyrighted Content Redacted"

- Carol Remond

=DJ IN THE MONEY: Eden Energy And The Secret Buried In Nevada

By Carol S. Remond

A Dow Jones Newswires Column

"Copyrighted Content Redacted"

(Carol S. Remond is an award-winning columnist and one of four who write the

"In The Money" feature. Most recently, she won a 2005 Gerald Loeb Award for best news service content with a series of articles on three companies titled

"Exposing Small-Cap Fraud.")

-By Carol S. Remond Dow Jones Newswires 201 938 2074

(END) Dow Jones Newswires

08-09-05 1130GMT

Copyright (c) 2005 Dow Jones Company, Inc.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 1:47 AM
To: Remond, Carol
Subject: Re: Jim Davidson

"Porter Stansberry"

I sent this message to Jesse Eisinger but I am sending it to you as well.I always try and help you in any small way I can and I was wondering if you had any opinion or feed back on this you could give me ?

I just received this email from Porter Stansberry.I was expecting threats but he seems mellow in this communication.
You do a google of 'bill bonner agora inc. james dale davidson' and probably find my posts on baltimore.indymedia and elsewhere,or just add my name to the search.I have been planning to send my Bill Alpert my hidden or deleted posts from the United Kingdom and Brstol indymedia for the laugh. I still never figured what happened to his litigation where he's being harrassed by that Australian pump and dump dude.Too funny.At least the Australian indymedia folks and New Zealand indymedia let me post,'Is James Dale Davidson using New Zealand ?',that gives a not so honorable mention to the Lard Rees-Mogg,but the Bristol indymedia went into shock about as quick as I posted the 'GB' version,I still have the 'missing link' that it was on,hee hee.

Anyways don't you think Stansberry is fibbing a bit and a Lila Rajiv who lives in Baltimore and has written at least one article for Rense I think it is and perhaps Baltimore Sun but finally claimed she was working for Bill Bonner.They are gonna write a book I guess.I gave Lila the links to at least 3 sources including the Agora SF Investment Symposium of 2003 that states Davidson is a founder or the founder of Agora,yet Bonner goes around claiming he is Strange,this Lila Rajiv,originally from India, appears from her writing to be 'liberal' but don't she know what right wing fascism is behind Agora Inc. ? I have no idea really what your world view is but you got my respect when 'O'Brien' and the ncans mafia didn't like you.Just as Carol Remond did when she made enemies of Davidson and later. 'O'Brien'.

Anyway I wondered if you knew,is Stansberry still in litigation with the SEC ? HIS EMAIL BELOW MAKES IT SOUND LIKE THAT.And don't you think what he is saying about Davidson not being related to AGORA now untrue ? Or at least it was true as recently as 2003 ? I mean if Bonner was the head honcho in 2003 why would Davidson bill himself as the or a founder at the 2003 Agora Symposium ? Si or no ? I will probably contact him but I was hoping for some feed back if you could give it. Wonder what I should ask him,not that he'd give an honest answer.Any advice you have or info would be appreciated.You know I never say anything about you to anyone and have only used what 'O'Brien' put in the public domain.I really don't think what he said about 'boat' named 'James DAVIDSON' was meant to be said or to purposely set up another person,I think the phones and donation were Davidson's but you don't got to tell me that.Only ,well isn't Stansberry lieing right out in this email below ?


Tony Ryals

----- Original Message -----
From: "Porter Stansberry"
Subject: Jim Davidson
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 20:06:22 -0600

Tony --

A friend recently emailed me a copy of your online tirade against JD. I don't know what he did to you...though I can imagine...

But, your presumption that I am an associate of Jim's is entirely false. It is true that Jim was a founder of Agora in the late 1970s. But he quickly sold the majority of his interest to Bill Bonner. Jim has no ownership stake in Agora and Agora no longer publishes his newsletter. While Jim used to be an editor, he was never a colleague of mine we worked in totally separate divisions, which were owned and managed as completely separate business units. In fact, since I have been part of Agora (1996) I've never worked on any project or had any involvement whatsoever in of Jim's publications or business ventures.

Frankly, I have serious doubts about his integrity and honesty and I was glad when Agora decided to stop publishing his newsletter.

If you would like to know more about Agora (which is a large holding company with many operating groups, one of which I control) or more about the SEC case I am involved with (which has nothing to do with short selling or pumping and dumping) I would be happy to meet with you in my office in Baltimore.



Re: BFI Consulting,Mark Skousen,Lila Rajiva
By lila rajiv,'business pundit' ? brain surgeon ? on 1/20/2008 8:05:57 PM

"Copyrighted Content Redacted"

- Lila Rajiva

The above quote was taken from Rajiva's email correspondence to in 2005.She clearly says she is a writer and will not be involved in Bill Bonner's and Agora Inc sleazy 'stock activities or selling.' and emphasises,' I am a writer and and planning on working on a book with him that has nothing to do with finances.'
And yet some scammy website called is pimping her services as a - well - a 'business pundit'

As I read her Wikipedia vanity biography placed there by an admirer(Gary Weiss?)I find,besides no birth date or place,that
she has NO DEGREE IN 'BUSINESS' OR FINANCE' I suggest that if she chooses to change her Johns Hopkins college major AFTER THE FACT that she might consider brain surgery.I'm sure she could master it as fast as she has Agora Inc-ian 'finances' and Mark Skousen 'business transactions'.Also brain surgery if unsuccessful generally only effects one person and their immediate family whereas if she follows in Bill Bonner's and the Lord Rees-Mogg's and James Dale Davidson's and Porter Stansberry's's path and is 'successful' she will leave a larger string of victims than the Titan Corp torturors of Abu Graib she attempts to criticise.(I don't remember if she mentions Titan by name but goes on and on about Abu Graib that in fact is in great part the result of far right 'libertarian' arms,money and penny stock dealers such as Agora's Davidson and his far right Fox News and Steve Forbes connected 'newesmax'(named for Genemax pump and dump?).

And while some may not like the comparison between Abu Graib rape and defrauded victims of Agora Inc,the truth is that being brought to bankruptcy or extreme poverty due to being taken by those scumbags can be just like rape.Just ask the 94 year old woman who lost everything to Florida Democrat Congessman Tim Mahoney's vFinance that also like Agora Inc and James Dale Davidson has connections to LOM of Bermuda.Oh I forgot you can't ask her(and no telling how many other undocumented victims of 'securities' frauds).She's dead.

- Toiny Ryals

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lila rajiva IS NO Mata Hari:
Is Lila Rajiva a CIA agent?
Filed Under Police State

This is for whoever is nursing a misplaced anxiety about my possible affiliation and frantically conducting searches into it

NO. I am not now, nor have I ever been, nor plan to be, a CIA agent, flunky, or stooge(well, on that last — one can never tell. Its possible Ive posted articles which were concocted as disinformation, but if so, that would be pure error and I probably mentioned somewhere that I wasnt sure about the authenticity of the information - I usually dont touch topics where I cant tell if whats going on is staged)

The closest I got to the CIA was at a dinner party two years ago, when I met the former head of the psychic research division at the CIA. (There was oneit was shut down, so they saymore on that at another time).

We had a lengthy conversation about the CIA, Aurobindo, and mind-body research. I still get circulars from the outfit he runs now which develops forecasting systems for business. Hes an engineer and fighter pilot, who builds planes in his spare time - but we share interests in Rudolph Steiner and philosophy.

So much for the Mata Hari thing. Besides that, Ive worked in India (for a couple of months) for a Christian aid organization (World Vision) - helping with promotional material for potential donors to medical care for the poor. I mention it because Ive read that some Christian mission and aid organizations have ties with the CIA. But, if there were any moles sniffing around, I didnt know any of them.

As anyone who follows this blog would know, any espionage or terrorist organization who tried to recruit me would be shooting itself in the foot - as big- mouthed as I am.

Id probably be blogging the whole thing

Re: BFI Consulting,Mark Skousen,Lila Rajiva
By gary weiss' boss same as lia rajiva's boss on 1/21/2008 7:42:18 PM

steve forbes,mark skousen,gary weiss,lia rajiva,bill bonner --

Billionaire daddy's boy Steve Forbes who is Gary Weiss' boss was interviewed by Agora Inc.'s 'investmentu' penny stock scheister and scumbag Mark Skousen who organizes the Las Vegas libertarian 'Freedom Fest' that attracts James Dale Davidson and Ron Paul like flies to excrement lauds Lila Rajiva's and Bill Bonner's scammy self promotion book 'Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets.
Too funny maybe they plagiarized the the 'mobs'part from Gary Weiss' Mob on Wall Street who in turn got the idea from watching too many 'Godfather' reruns.Gary likes to use Italian names in relatively minor penny stock scams to draw attention from Israeli penny stock scams and money laundering operations using the U.S. and Wall Street as their base.American Jews and Israeli residents have access to protected bank accounts in Israel that American Italians or other Americans in general could only dream about.It would be like an average Catholic having his or her own secret bank account at the Vatican.

Unfortunately this priviledged relation between U.S. and Israeli banking that mainly benefits Israeli and far right American Jews breeds real international criminal activity that an American Italian criminal or other American criminal could only dream about.Gary Weiss is a liar by bashing Italians as big criminals while ignoring and covering up for Israeli
business crimes in the U.S. that would make the entire Italian mafia or organised criminals of Italian descent could only dream about.

And he is a liar to distract from the illegal pump and dump and penny stock manipulation scams of Steve Forbes' National Taxpayers Union founder and colleague James Dale Davidson.Not to mention Gary is moot about Davidson's and Frank Carlucci's's Israeli mob or mossad connected U.S. penny stock scam,Pluristem 'stem cells from placentas' or 'oil from placentas' as Davidson likes to tout it through newsmax and his and Steve's NTU office located conveniently near Christopher Naked Shorts Cox's Securities Exchange Commission. Just as Gary Weiss has used his bully pulpit on the internet to scream 'Phil Saunders' who no one has ever heard of was the 'brains' behind the naked short selling claim fraud to draw attention from James Dale Davidson and Agora Inc so also does he over emphasize and lie about USXP or being somehow MORE IMPORTANT THAN SAY JAGH OR JAG MEDIA HOLDINGS THAT FORBES ITSELF IN FACT PROMOTED AS A WORLD LEADER IN 'BIOMETRICS' INCLUDING FOR NEW ZEALAND PASSPORT HOLDERS ALL THE WHILE KNOWING IT WAS A FRAUD AND FRAUDULENTLY CLAIMING THEY HAVE 300 MILLION SHARES BEING NAKED SHORTED AT THE SAME TIME And of course Genemax and Endovasc that were the first to use this fraudulent claim under the criminal influence of both Davidson and Houston attorney John O'Quinn.


'Dr.' Mark Skousen,penny stock tout par excellance with his Heritage Foundation and Agora Inc connections and organiser of the scammy Las Vegas 'Freedom Fest' says the Bonner-Rajiva self promotion is A cock-eyed, frolicking hell of a read. And Bill Bonner never able to get enough of himself compares his or Rajiva's writing to acclaimed historian Barbara Tuchman .(Gag me with a Taser speaking of naked short pump and dump scams...)
Also note Skousen's interview with Gary Weiss'(that self acclaimed scourge of penny stock fraud)boss Steve Forbes.
So Forbes may officially support Rudy Giuliani for president but he and Gary will really bend in whatever direction the fraud blows - as long as the direction is far right fraud - just like Agora Inc's James Dale Davidson,Gary is paid to cover up for and protect Davidson on Wikipedia and the world wise internet.

- Tony Ryals

Buy: Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets (co-authored with Bill Bonner)Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets: Surviving the Public Spectacle in Finance and Politics, by William Bonner and Lila Rajiva, Wiley, September, 2007.
Best-selling financial author Bill Bonner and financial/political writer Lila Rajiva team up for this hilarious send up of the follies of the guvmint, the corporatocracy and the chattering classes.

Comments in Advance:

The book strikes at the center of conventional wisdom. It is brilliant, deep, and fun to read,
– Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of the legendary international best-seller, Fooled By Randomness, and The Black Swan.
Learn about Fed bubbles, and make Ben Bernanke unhappy: Read this book,
– Lew Rockwell, President of The Ludwig von Mises Institute

Entertainingly and irreverently investigates the do-gooders and world-improvers who stir up mass hysterias, unjustified wars and financial crises, while at the same time it warns readers how to better protect themselves and their pocketbooks.

– Congressman Ron Paul, Presidential Candidate

If I had to name just one book investors should read, this is the one I would select,

–Dr. Marc Faber, editor of the maverick Gloom Boom and Doom Report and author of the Amazon best seller, Tomorrows Gold– Asias Age of Discovery

As fun to read as it is thought-provoking,
– John Mauldin, author of the New York Times best seller, Bulls Eye Investing and editor of Thoughts from the Frontline

A cock-eyed, frolicking hell of a read.

– Dr. Mark Skousen, Professor of Economics and editor of The Worldly Philosophers.

I laughed aloud, I learned, and I was even offended. Behind the crafty writing, the authors share the deeper secrets of investing and push us to question what we believe. Think for yourself this book screams.

– Steve Sjuggerud, editor of True Wealth, one of the worlds most widely read investment letters.

A classic for the student of the current period in history – Dr. Marc Faber

World-famous contrarian investment guru and the author of several books, including, Tomorrows Gold– Asias Age of Discovery, an Amazon best-seller translated into numerous languages, Dr. Marc Faber is a former Zurich gnome and managing director of Drexel, Burnham, Lambert who now runs his own firm in Hong Kong, from where he publishes the maverick Gloom Boom Doom Report.

Marc Faber
April 20, 2007

Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets by Bill Bonner and Lila Rajiva will never earn a Nobel Prize in Economics. Why? Because this book is highly readable, makes sense and does not contain the usual incomprehensible mumbo-jumbo one finds in other financial and economic books. Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets makes very complex economic, social and geopolitical issues understandable to normal people like you and me. What Barbara Tuchman did by writing informative and absorbing history books, Bonner and Rajiva do with this highly entertaining book written for the general public to understand economics and finance.


January 18, 2008

Interview with Steve Forbes

The Investment U E-Letter: Issue # 477
Thursday, October 13, 2005

Interview with Steve Forbes: Why He Thinks Oil Prices Are Going Down
By Dr. Mark Skousen, Chairman, Investment U

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