Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals
Affiliation: 'Bobo' lies To Senator Feinstein

January 10, 2008

thesanitycheck.con:'Bobo' lies To Senator Feinstein about Sulja Bros and 'naked short selling'.....

Dear SEC,
I was monitoring the 'Bob O'Brien' and Patrick Byrne scam
'message board' called that like Gary Weiss' blogspot is controlled so as to not allow the light of day into their collective delusions and penny stock scamming.

Of course some might argue that thesanitycheck.con is worse than Gary Weiss' blogspot and they,(NCANS penny stock promoters),are intentionally aiding penny stock fraud by espousing a 'naked short selling' claim to the many penny stocks they mention or promote on their scam site including of course Patrick Byrne's NASDAQ listed

Gary Weiss's aid of penny stock fraud of course is done more subtly by omission rather by promoting penny stock fraud directly and by pretending he opposes it when in fact he doesn't when it comes to his employee's colleague James Dale Davidson of the NTU or National Taxpayers Union.And it appears to me that he has the same attitude about U.S. penny stocks run by Isrtaeli criminals for whatever reason.However as I have pointed out previously there is every reason to believe James Dale Davidson is behind NCANS or National Coalition Against Naked Shorting just as he was behind NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling.In fact,the anonymous 'Bob O'Brien' of NCANS and thesanitycheck.con sites
promoted or touted Circle Group Holdings as a victim of 'naked short selling' just as James Dale Davidson did before him.And 'Bob O'Brien' didn't just do so from his scam thesanitycheck or other scam naked shorting website as Davidson did on his own Agora Inc site - 'Bob O'Brien' went right to the Yahoo Circle Group Holdings message board to tout the scam as a victim of 'naked shorting'

Below note that the alias MarionPolk who also touts penny stock scams such as Global Links on ragingbull.con and NFI,etc. on Yahoo as victims of 'naked short selling' today accuses 'Bob O'Brien' or 'Bobo'of having promoted the Nevada incorporated Sulja Bros. Building Supplies Ltd. that now faces scrutiny from Ontario Securities Commission (OSC).He ,she,or it also posts the below article to argue that 'Bob O'Brien' was promoting a fraud when he promoted said company as a victim of 'naked short selling'.Bobo of course immediately denies this as you can see in his reply to MarionPolk just below its or hers or his or whatever.

But I found thesanitycheck link that MarionPolk was refering to proving 'Bobo' a liar as usual and funny enough the lie about Sulja Bros. Building Supplies Ltd.being a victim of 'naked short selling' was made in his communication to Senator Diane Feinstein herself

Also note that the Sulja Bros. Building Supplies Ltd. scam although incorporated by Canadian penny stock scammers in Nevada also like James Dale Davidson connected Nannaco a few years back,claimed to have all sorts of Middle Eastern and or Saudi backing and support.

Note at bottom 'Bobo' says 'Another public company, LFWK,(Sulja Bros) reports that it controls more than 100% of the issued shares, and there are 22 million more shares supposedly in public hand.'This is the precise lie that Utah Senator Bob Bennett,David Patch and Paul Floto, used to pump and dump Global Links in 2005

- Tony Ryals

Re: Happy New Year - why I am optimistic.... By MarionPolk on 1/10/2008 7:31 AM
Once upon a time you printed remarks about naked shorting of LFWK (now SLJB). At the time I took issue with your policy of printing anything by any company who claimed "naked shorting". To undate your record:

Sulja Bros. CEO says he was duped
Gary Rennie, The Windsor Star
Published: Monday, September 17, 2007

HARROW -- Steve Sulja, the embattled CEO of Nevada-based Sulja Bros. Building Supplies Ltd., said Monday he was duped into believing the company had finalized fabulous deals in the Middle East to sell cement or build a hotel that were going to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Sulja said he's told an Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) investigator everything he knows in an eight-hour interview and is prepared to face the consequences.

Sulja said he's upset that the family's name has been blackened, creditors aren't being paid and shareholders have been misled about the company's prospects.

"I want to get my life back to normal," Sulja said in an interview at the Harrow lumberyard that closed two months ago.

Sulja said the family's 20-year-old business -- excluding the land and buildings -- were sold last year in a "handshake deal" with Petar Vucicevich for $4.8 million, but only a partial payment was received. He said he and four other family members received $150,000 each, but nothing since.

The plan was for Vucicevich to hire the existing staff, take over the accounts receivable and payable, and run the business using another Ontario corporation -- called Sulja Building Supplies -- from the Harrow warehouses and office, Sulja said.

"Petar orchestrated everything," Sulja said.

Sulja said his family's Ontario incorporated business -- Sulja Brothers Building Supplies Ltd. -- essentially stopped operating as of Aug. 1 last year. Sulja said his father John still owns all the lumberyard property on Erie Street just outside Harrow.

After the handshake deal, Sulja said he wasn't involved in the Sulja Building Supplies operation until last November, when Vucicevich asked him to come back and become CEO. He said he was "a dumb ass" to agree.

Sulja said he was shocked the OSC laid charges a month later alleging the Nevada-incorporated Sulja company's stock prices were manipulated, that false and misleading press releases were issued, and that stocks were sold without issuing a prospectus as required in Ontario.

Last month, the Alberta Securities Commission made similar allegations after the company attempted to launch an operation in Calgary.

Dan Scott, lawyer for Vucicevich on the ASC allegations, said his client bailed out the Sulja family when their business was approaching bankruptcy.

"They don't know now to run a business," Scott said. "Steve is very bitter over the fact that his company has been taken over."

Scott agreed Vucicevich had a deal to buy the family business, but disputed Sulja's contention that full payment wasn't made. The lawyer said he didn't know the exact amounts involved.

Scott said Vucicevich's Kore International company is in the process of taking over Sulja Building Supplies because of debts owed. A receiver hasn't been put in place yet, he said.

Scott said he's seen correspondence from overseas lawyers indicating that deals were in progress. The lawyer said he didn't know if any were finalized.

Scott also didn't know when an audited financial statement would be available. "Not a clue," he said.

Sulja said Vucicevich has always assured him that he will provide records to prove the dozens of deals touted in press releases for more than a year were actually completed. In the last few weeks, Sulja said he's given up hope of seeing any proof of those deals.

Even though he's the CEO, Sulja said he has no idea what the Nevada-incorporated company actually owns because he can't get access to current financial records.

Scott said he knew little about the Nevada Sulja company and thought it was essentially dormant while the OSC charges were pending.

Sulja said last Friday he was ordered off the property of the company's County Road 17 location and the locks on his office were changed because of a claim of unpaid rent.

In Calgary, where Sulja Building Supplies had leased an office and warehouse May 20, a bailiff's notice was taped on the door claiming $52,077 in unpaid rent.

In Windsor, Tecumseh Truss Systems Inc. has filed lawsuits seeking to put construction liens on two homes, including Vucicevich's at 286 County Road 50 in Colchester.

Trusses were supplied to Sulja Building Supplies for installation on both homes earlier this year, but payment of about $10,000 wasn't received, said Tecumseh Truss lawyer Grant English.

About $7.8 million was made from the sale of Sulja stock through trading accounts controlled by Vucicevich and a Texas associate Andrew DeVries, according to the OSC allegations. Next hearing is Oct. 31.

While hearings continue, the stock is halted from trading in both provinces, although it continues to sell on an over-the-counter electronic market in the U.S.

Re: Happy New Year - why I am optimistic.... By bobo on 1/10/2008 7:32 AM
Hey Marion. I never commented on this company - never heard of them. Did someone post something in the comments - is that what you are thinking of?


Older letters to Diane Feinstein alerting her to NSS and hedge fund abuse story

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Older letters to Diane Feinstein alerting her to NSS and hedge fund abuse story
Posted: 14 Jun 06 7:11 AM

December 22, 2005

Dear Senator,

Thank you for your letter of December 16, received today in response to mine of November 30 (copy attached). The transcript of the hearing by NASAA which can be found at describes in some detail the Failure-to-Deliver, better-know as Naked Shorting, problem also discussed in the attachments.

The specific action which I would like you to take is to require the SEC to enforce it's regulations regarding the settlement of short sales. I should point out that the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee has been appraised of the problem and, disgracefully, failed to act. Also that, as the links provided make clear, this pot is coming to the boil and when it does so there will be a price to pay by those who have worked so diligently to keep the lid on this scandal.




March 18, 2006

Dear Senator Feinstein,

This will acknowledge receipt of your letter of March 13, 2006 which states, in part "if you have new evidence to support your claim, I would be glad to bring it to the agency's attention for them to respond to." I have provided additional evidence below, but I must point out once again that all this evidence has already been provided to the SEC, which is refusing to act. As I have repeatedly intimated, it's time for Congress to act. To repeat, all that is required is enforcement of existing settlement regulations.



Additional evidence:

A detailed description of how the DTCC is ripping off individual investor can be found at

Details some of the blatant misrepresentations emanating from the DTCC can be found at
Slide 24 of a presentation to JP Morgan last week to be found at details the fact that15 broker-dealers owe customers 2.87 shares of one public company for every one that they own. In case that's not clear, customers of these brokers have paid them for almost three times as many shares as they can deliver.
Another public company, LFWK, reports that it controls more than 100% of the issued shares, and there are 22 million more shares supposedly in public hand.

I could go on, or you could have your staff research the mountain of evidence available online at, e.g.,,,, etc., etc., etc.