Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals

January 6, 2008

Dear SEC(Securities Exchange Commission),

Now whatever would David Patch and Paul Floto, be complaining about again here in the first place ? Mr.Patch is a known penny stock touter connected to James Dale Davidson's(Agora Inc. and National Taxpayers Union) Genemax 'biotech' pump and dump that fraudulently made a 'naked shorting' claim as early as 2002.How many other penny stock scams had claimed they were 'naked shorted' before NAANSS and Genemax(located in same Blaine, Washington building or office as James Dale Davidson's, Grant Atkins and Brent Pierce's ICI or Investor Communications International) BEGAN MAKING THE FRAUDULENT CLAIM TO DISTRACT FROM THEIR OWN ILLEGAL PUMPS AND DUMPS - ESPECIALLY ENDOVASC AND GENEMAX ?

David Patch has lied to the SEC and to defrauded investors for years to his own personal profit.Who sponsers his scam website, investigatethesec dot con except for the very offshore 'pipes' buyers he pretends to oppose ? As for as Paul Floto,if you didn't notice that he was one of the chief beneficiaries of the fraud called Global Links that Senator Bennett claimed was 'naked shorted' due to misinformation he himself read by David Patch ? You should be investigating the Floto-Patch connection as well as the David Patch-James Dale Davidson connection rather than torturing defrauded investors in their scams who must read their lies here on even YEARS now after the Endovasc 'biotech' fraud and Genemax 'biotech' fraud of James Dale Davidson that Patch was also involved - Davidson(and Carlyle's Frank Carlucci and Israeli mobsters ) continues to run biotech frauds including the criminal Israeli U.S. penny stock pump and dump called 'Pluristem' that Davidson claims gets 'oil from placentas' ? And Pluristem is now on the NASDAQ after a 200 for one reverse split NASDAQ clearly knows it is aiding and abetting a criminal pump and dump and placing that fraud on the NASDAQ even though I doubt they met the most minimum requisites shows that the very ones who should be doing do diligence before allowing a company to go public in the first place(NASDAQ,SEC, - instead continue to want to allow U.S. markets - penny stock and other - to be used for fraud and money laundering.

Note the fraudsteres of NCANS and David Patch and Patrick Byrne and James Dale Davidson - NEVER ask you to reform Reg S that allows their continiuing criminal enterprises in the first place.And even the biotech fraud Pluristem that had over 1 billion worthless shares floating around the world before their 'reverse split' was also on the convicted security fraudster Thomas Ronk's'SHO' or 'naked short' list.

If it were only 'naked shorting' that was causing all this fraud then in my opinion it would not be a great problem because Charles Schwab and Canadian market makers that were accused of naked shorting or Canadian brokers etc., would then buy back.But I observed Davidson's pumps and dumps Genemax and Endovasc both balloon from a few thousands of post reverse split shares to MILLIONS all while they cried 'naked shorting' In fact Endovasc and the criminal 'transfer agent' Alexander Walker of NATCO were dumping all along and when they finally reported some of the tens of millions of shares they dumped from Bermuda and Kuala LUMPUR,ETC., WHILE CONNING ME INTO BUYING A 'CERT' TO 'PROTECT FROM NAKED SHORTING' - IT WAS TOO LATE TO SALE AND WHO WOULD WANT TO DEFRAUD OTHERS ANYWAY - EXCEPT THE CON ARTISTS DAVID PATCH,PAUL FLOTO,JAMES DALE DAVIDSON,PATRICK BYRNE,ET.AL. ?

from message board :

Re: Israeli-James Dale Davidson Pluristem pump and dump on NASDAQ
By AliveFreeHappy,Wiki penny con artist ? on 1/5/2008 6:20:01 AM

I hope I don't have to explain what this has to do with offshore
'business' or financial transactions.James Dale Davidson is a pioneer in the field of stealing his fellow Americans' assets and sending them offshore.He will 'work'
with all national origens as long as they are part of his international web of far right politically or financially connected criminals.And most often he will use USA penny stocks in promotion schemes to do so.The saddest part is that his abilities do not account for his 'sucess' - it is instead the very corruption of the U.S. government that he and Steve Forbes and others have influenced through lobbying through their National Taxpayers Union office near the main SEC headquarters that has maintained protection for Davidson's many penny stock 'securities' and probable money laundering operations

It should also be noted and Wikipedia editor Mr.AliveFreeHappy
(who just showed up as the latest Wikipedia insider editor to 'edit' the James Dale Davidson bio) should be made aware that his appearance upon Wikipedia's James Dale Davidson biography website bragging of his gun loving 'libertarian' credentials may be viewed as a threat by some who have indeed been harrassed and threatened by penny stock hustlers including or particularly related to the fraudulent
'naked short selling' claimers who run penny stock pumps and dumps such as James Dale Davidson,Patrick Byrne, if you must edit anything related to the naked short selling issue such as James Dale Davidson's bio you should not only give up your anonymity and and explain your experience or interest in James Dale Davidson or the 'naked short selling' claim and why you are also,(like Gary Weiss' Wikipedia biographer MantanMoreland),in favor of censoring all of James Dale Davidson's connections to the fraudulent 'naked short selling' claim and to Gary Weiss employer Steve Forbes. Why ?

AliveFreeHappy seems to use Wikipedia to promote an NRA or National Rifle Association agenda while pretending to be a neutral editor.Is it possible that he is also pushing a James Dale Davidson penny stock fraud cover up agenda as well ?

He should be asked by Wikipedia the same question or questions I asked of MantanMoreland(Gary Weiss' vanity biography writer and 'naked short selling expert') - What the heck is he,a supposed gun expert and high school safety or construction specialist doing even touching the censored James Dale Davidson bio for in the first place ? Only because he claims to be a 'libertarian' like James Dale Davidson and Ron Paul ?

And what's Mr.AliveFreeHappy's fascination with high schools and guns ? Is this Wikipedia editor a fraud like Gary Weiss vanity bio editor and James Dale Davidson biography censorer MantanMoreland is ? Butting his nose into issues he knows nothing about and pretending expertise ?

One could apply that old joke about how many so and sos it takes to screw in a light bulb to these anonymous Wikipedia penny stock and penny stock scamster biography editors in reverse.

How many anonymous Wikipedia editors does it take to turn out the light of truth ? How many Wikipedia editors does it take to 'edit' or censor naked short claim promoter and penny stock tout James Dale Davidson's biography and keep it censored.

Also now that one thinks about it does anyone know of a legit internet or financial publication that keeps its editors under pseudonyms ? I was glad to add my real name to my Wikipedia contribution and quite willing to have it edited for style or even deleting or correcting any inaccuracies.The con artists running Wikipedia on the other hand didn't even leave my name on my first addition to their James Dale Davidson' stub' article.And that was not to insure my privacy.They ignored my name and email and instead began broadcasting my ISP all over the internet from their site without even informing mwe through the email address I gladly provided

- Tony Ryals

AliveFreeHappy:Wikipedia 'libertarian editor' for guns,high school,james dale davidson

Anonymous Wikipedia editor

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James Dale Davidson
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James Dale Davidson is an American investment newsletter writer and author of The Sovereign Individual, The Great Reckoning, and Blood in the Streets, all three co-authored with William Rees-Mogg. He is also the founder and former head of the National Taxpayers Union. He has helped fund the Arkansas Project against President Bill Clinton and is an investor in

He is one of the founders of Agora, Inc., a Baltimore newsletter publisher which was charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2003 with violation of the securities laws.1 Davidson was not charged.

Davidson was also chief financial officer of GeneMax, Inc.

edit References
SEC charges against Agora, Inc.
"Judge Denies Agora Move To Dismiss SEC Suit," by Carol S. Remond, Dow Jones News Service, Jan. 21, 2004
"Prince of doom -- James Dale Davidson: Profiting from chaos," by Bryan Walpert, Warfield's Business Record, March 25, 1994
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