Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals

December 27, 2007

Dear SEC,

The following communication between myself and Wikipedia's alias editor MantanMoreland(who claims to be an African American Irish Catholic - Jew or vice versa) was just posted on the message board and also sent to 'MantanMoreland'.Although a humble student of theology (according to him)MantanMoreland has been promoted by Wikpedia and ex Chicago Mercantile Exchange(remember Refco?)connected Jimmy or Jimbo Wales,who is Wikipedia's CEO or whatever, as their expert and editor and censor in the area of 'naked short selling' Some such as Mark Cuban as well as the scamsters of and NCANS believe that MantanMoreland is really Forbes employee Gary Weiss. I don't know but I will say that MantanMoreland who is also coincidentally Weiss' vanity biographer on Wikipedia has many of the same interests and prejudices of his Wikipedia biographer MantanMoreland.

MantanMoreland's heroe,Gary Weiss of Forbes,has along with Roddy Boyd of Rupert Murdoch's NY Post,insisted that a 'used medical equipment salesman' that no one has ever heard of or seen in SEC filings named Phil Saunders from California is 'Bob O'Brien'.

And like the NCANS group he claims to oppose - Gary Weiss never mentions James Dale Davidson's involvement in starting the 'naked short selling' hysteria nor NAANSS whose website was disappeared after NCANS appeared - even though he first 'investigated' NAANSS for BusinessWeek in 2003.In effect Weiss has a conflict of interest in investigating and reporting on the false and fraudulent naked shorting claim to cover up illegal penny stock pump and dump scams in light of the fact that a major player in this penny stock pump and dump fraud probably bigger than 'Bermuda Shorts' - is none other than his boss' National Taxpayers Union colleague James Dale Davidson himself Nonethless MantanMoreland is aiding fraud by posting Weiss' misinformation on Wikipedia.Patrick Byrne's and Judd Bagley's has BEEN BAD ENOUGH.

-Tony Ryals

Wikipedia's 'MantanMoreland' admits James Dale Davidson Censorship
By Hey Tony Ryals on 12/26/2007 9:31:17 PM

Below Wikipedia's biographer for Mark Cuban,Martin Luther, James Dale Davidson,Divinity Studies and 'naked short selling' expert and editor MantanMoreland responds to my indymedia article,'Forbes on Wikipedia:Gary Weiss 'Edits' James Dale Davidson's and his own biography' and I reply.How one(MantanMoreland)can go from studying religion (as he claims) to becomng the foremost expert in a fraudulent claim called 'naked shorting' that seems to have no origen dating further than 1999 on the website where an apparent penny stock scam artist and insider posted the term and accusation there - anonymously of course.If there is a special church for Morons then Wikipedia's and Gary Weiss' Mantan Morland(not to be confused with the black actor whose name he stole)must be a member in high standing.

- Tony Ryals

Wikipedia's 'MantanMoreland' admits James Dale Davidson bio censorship:

"Mantan Moreland"

"Tony Ryals"

Subject Hey Tony Ryals

Sent Date 12-20-2007 3:47:57 PM

"Mantan Moreland"


You don't know what you're talking about. I put back in stuff on Agora others had taken out. Your stuff was taken out here by another editor before I even joined WIkipedia:

Here is me putting stuff back into Wikipedia that Davidson's friends wanted out:

Show me one edit where I did what you said I did.


Dear 'Mantan Moreland':

You have no idea of how tired I am of addressing aliases,(some of whom have made death threats),since being defrauded in James Dale Davidson's Endovasc pump and dump penny stock scam and undertaking to investigate and write about it as best I could.Endovasc like Davidson's Genemax and PowerChanel penny stock frauds ALL claimed they were 'naked shorted'.Both you and Gary Weiss have worked to erase all the facts re Davidson and NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling.Why ? In fact this is one objective(removing all links and connections between Davidson and the fraudulent naked shorting claim),that both the Gary Weiss group(that you are part of)and the NCANS or National Coalition Against Naked Short Selling that Patrick Byrne and 'Bob O'Brien' operate - have in common

So you didn't kill my editorial style news story or biography of James Dale Davidson that I had originally posted on Wikipedia - you were just passing by the Jamers Dale Davidson biography after UninvitedCompany executed it coincidentally to help bury the corpse ? Was it UninvitedCompany(who even pretends to have a scam company incorporated in Delaware by that name on his sham Wikipedia page)the one who performed the execution on the part of the Weiss-Forbes team on Wikipedia as well ? Because I do not like associating the real Mantan Moreland with fraud upon the public that you and your 'editing' of the entire subject of 'naked short selling' subject and James Dale Davidson's role in it,I sure wish you would change your alias.No one said you couldn't edit my writing to adapt to an encyclopedia style but to delete various essential and known and accepted information about Mr.James Dale Davidson's life and political,social and penny stock connections is abominable.Genemax is THE ONLY penny stock you leave mention of on Wikipedia even though you must know of many more.And even then - particulary then - you don't write or leave ONE WORD about Genemax role in publicising the lie that illegal pump and dump scams like Genemax were really 'naked shorted'
You have removed all mention of NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling' being located in 2002 in the same Blaine, Washington office as Davidson's,Brent Pierce's and Grant Atkins' Genemax office. Why ?

OK so UninvitedCompany censored my contribution to the James Dale Davidson stub that began with the incorrect assumption or 'pov' that Davidson's and Steve Forbes','s National Taxpayers Union was created to help all taxpayers equally when in fact it is a multimillionaire's and billionaire's private lobbying operation at best financed in part from middle class taxpayers people like Forbes and Davidson deceive into believing its agendas have their interests at heart

Did Wayne Saewyc share my email with you at the time I complained of your and UnInvitedCompany's vandalism of that Wikipedia site ? I ask that because your email on Wikipedia to Mysid says,'I've added some details on Davidson's career and also removed the "journalist" stub. Though he has co-authored some books, he is not a journalist per se.--Mantanmoreland 04:22, 23 May 2006 (UTC)

Retrieved from ""

You see Mr. Wayne Saewyc emailed me personally a short time before you specifically honed into my criticism to Wikipedia not only about censoring vital aspects of Wikipedia's James Dale Davidson's bio but also about Wikipedia CALLING HIM A JOURNALIST, as my email to Wikipedia that was responded to by Wayne Saewyc

''Mr Davidson's article has had the journalist stub attached to it due to his investment status with NewsMax, for which he has also written.''

- Wayne Saewyc

I hate to be cynical but I do hope Wayne Saewyc is aware of Vancouver's rePUTAtion for hosting sleazy penny stock scamsters(such as David Patch, James Dale Davidson, et. al.) - SO COULD YOU OR HE ASSURE ME THAT Wayne Saewyc ISN'T ONE ?

Actually I only realised your role in censoring the James Dale Davidson Wikipedia bio recently even though I knew of Mark Cuban's complaint about you.And the fact that you took over the naked short selling section from the Overstock.con-NCANS con artists who started it does not prove you are anymore honest.In fact far from removing all mention of Davidson's involvement in the fraudulent naked short selling claim to distract attention from his own illegal pump and dump scams as you and the other Wikipedia 'professional' editors
did - you should ADD the fact of Davidson's involvement to the scam and to NAANSS in the naked short selling section you have monopolized and spread Gary Weiss' misinformation through

The apparent fact is that you and UnivitedCompany are insiders at Wikipedia and I am not.You can edit or censor what you don't like - I cannot.And you in aiding Steve Forbes' employee Gary Weiss to cover up James Dale Davidson's involvement in the fraudulent naked short selling claim on Wikipedia(just as Weiss has imposed censorship about mentioning James Dale Davidson on his own blog and only once in response to a
reader who sent him something about Davidson(that he didn't post ),Gary only said,'JDD,sounds like a bad one to me').And just as Weiss maintains a blackout on mentioning Davidson on his Steve Forbes funded blog always claiming an unknown 'used medical equipment salesman' supposedly named
'Phil Saunders' is more important than Davidson in the naked shorting claim fraud

And worse Weiss also says 'naked shorting' would not harm a stock's price.He reminds me of the adviser to the German government in the 1930's who claimed printing unlimited quantities of Duetsche marks would have no effect on the currencies price Gary is as much a liar about 'naked shorting' as Patrick Byrne and 'Bob O'Brien' put together.
Why haven't you added his and NY Post 'reporter' Roddy Boyd's 'Phil Saunders' to your Wiipedia naked short selling scam site yet ?

You have been given special 'editing' priviledges on Wikipedia that ordinary readers or contributers don't - so why will you not simply
put back aspects of James Dale Davidson's life such as his Agora Inc - NAANSS involvement and that Genemax was one of the scams he claimed was 'naked shorted' or his involvement with Steve Forbes,ex CIA Chief William Colby and the death of Vince Foster ?

You made Gary Weiss bio appear more important than Davidson's and it is Weiss himself who is employed by Davidson's NTU colleague Steve Forbes
If you aren't drawing a pay check from Streve Forbes as well you should ask for one How could you turn or help turn Davidson's Wikipedia bio back into a stub while expanding the boring and exaggerated bio of Gary Weiss at the same time ? And as with Davidson's bio - the lies are more often in what isnt said than in what is said...Even an old Mob on Wall Street contact or source for Garys BusinessWeek stories appears to hold him in low esteem and is sueing him for something or other...Is thatin your Gary Weiss - Wikipedia bio ? Also is it true or not that part of Weiss' former job on BusinessWeek included stock recommendations or promotions rather than real investigative journalism ?

James Dale Davidson is coauthor with the Lord William Rees Mogg as well and their mutual involvement with and ownership of LOM of Bermuda where some of Genemax shares were dumped from,probably through Schwab and vFinance market makers was never disclosed to their readers when it was recommended to them for offshore accounts in The Sovereign Individual. You might wish to contact KYC's David Marchant about that.

I also had no idea Jimbo Wales had a Chicago Mercantile and securities background.And yet he allows all this misinformation from you and Gary Weiss and Judd Bagley and Patrick Byrne to proliferate on Wikipedia. Why ?

Tony Ryals


Subject wikipedia reply re davidson -- Change header --- Standard Header Full Header

Sent Date 12-23-2007 4:55:41 PM

"Tony Ryals"


Re: Ticket#2006031210001791 James Dale Davidson,'journalist' ? ha ha -- Change header --- Standard Header Full Header

Sent Date03-12-2006 1:30:46 AM

Wikipedia information team

To"Tony Ryals"

Dear Tony Ryals,

Thank you for your mail.

"Tony Ryals" wrote:

Dear Wikipedia,
Not that facts mean anything to you but James Dale Davidson IS NOT A
JOURNALIST.Yes I agree my writing about Mr.Davidson is not 'wikipedia' style
but neither is it incorrect and you can't dispute it but I don't mind that you
delete it.You can google 'ryals james dale davidson'and see my writing
particularly on indymedias and elsewhere.

I have had personal email communication with him and I have been defrauded
through his Endovasc illegal 'pump and dump' the SEC does nothing about.I know
plenty but still not even when or where he was born and neither do you.But why
do you insult me on wikipedia and pretend I 'libel' when you know absolutely
nothing ? OK he's a 'journalist' you say.So just when did he become a
journalist,for what periodical and what are some of the articles he has
written as a 'journalist' ?

You guys are lying outright to say he is a 'journalist',so how can you
criticise and block me when what you post as an alternative is worse than any
'non-wikipedian' style I write in ? At least when I don't know I don't make it
up like you do.At least I don't lie.For the laugh do a google search,'sec
christopher cox james dale davidson' for one of my more recent indymedia
posts.You can always add my last name but I doubt that will be necessary.Or
try 'terrorbaggers'or 'james angel georgetown university'.

Tony Ryals


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I'm sorry to hear your experience with Wikipedia has been frustrating.

Mr Davidson's article has had the journalist stub attached to it due to his investment status with NewsMax, for which he has also written.

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I hope this helps, and I'm sorry for any trouble this has caused you.

Yours sincerely,
Wayne Saewyc

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