Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Bob Smith

December 8, 2007

Every single month the issued and outstanding in Novastar (NFI) changes hands 3 times over.

There isnt another exchange listed stock in existence now or ever that has moved this level (or anywhere near this level) of shares relative to the issued and outstanding for an entire year.

All NFI shareholders were robbed, by illegal bear raids, manipulative intentional FTDs and naked short selling- the crime they have committed here is egregious that you the SEC let it occur on your watch is unforgivable.

There is no way mathematically for a public company to show this much volume relative to its I/O.

Shares are a finite item.
When most of us buy a share we expect timely delivery.
In Novastars case there are share entitlements, place holders, IOUs flooding the float.
These counterfeit shares affect
Supply and demand
Voting outcomes
Dividend payments

All of these important ownership attributes are destroyed by the larceny that the intentional manipulative -failure to delivers- have committed in the stock.

These numbers dont even take the Novastar float into account.
The float has been somewhere near 4-7million shares for the entire year.

How many share holders had NFI locked up for long time periods or in IRAs or in Cert form further reducing the tradable shares?

The OMM, and the manipulative short selling hedge funds created tens of millions of fake, counterfeit, phantom shares in order to break any and all support. They had to create tens of millions of counterfeit shares in order to decimate the shareprice- the shares were tightly held- so they created tens of millions of FTDs in order to kill any and all demand, and to water down the value of all existing real shares in order to shatter the market cap.

TMA has 130m shares
TMA Volume YTD 550m
TMA would need to trade 390million shares a month in order to trade the same level of volume that NFI enjoys. And TMA is considered a very liquid stock it has its own FTD problems.

Pick a stock any stock look at the Issued and outstanding and they look at volume YTD.
You will see that no stock NO STOCK trades over 30x the issued and outstanding over a one year time frame.

IMH i/o 78m
Volume YTD 330m

Home Depot 1.7B I/O
Volume ytd 4.3B

There is no way there are only 9.5million NFI shares are floating out there.
NFI trades 30million shares a month.
In order to trade 30m a month in order for the math to make sense we have to assume that there has to be 50 to 70million shares- maybe more

This stock with 9.5million I/O has traded over 310million shares YTD.
5-7 in the float at any given time makes the numbers seem even more outlandish, and criminal.

The SEC has failed on every level and in every regard to protect shareholders and public companies from illegal bear raids and the creation of intentional FTDs that destroy a companies market cap though the creation of counterfeit stock.

To be oblivious to this grand level of illegal manipulation: Either the SEC is suffering from stupidity, and laziness - or you have colluded with the criminals.

Which is it?

BTW- how dare you not provide OSTK with relevant fails data.
Under what right do you let the DTCC not provide OSTK with any fails data.

OSTK and its shareholders cannot gain Fails data through a FOIA request- why?