Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals

December 6, 2007

My most recent post on message board :

Gary Weiss bashes Ron Paul - 'Libertarian Friend of Wall Street' ?
By maria bartiromo - citicorp whore ? on 12/5/2007 9:08:04 PM

Gary Weiss just posted a link to a lame 'article' about Ron Paul by Maria Bartiromo and whether he is a 'friend of Wall Street',mainly inspired by the infamous Maria Bartiromo's cheap piece on the subject.I had already emailed my article re Ron Paul and his letter to the SEC in support of Patrick Byrne's,James Dale Davidson's,David Patch's,'s fraudulent 'naked short selling' claim and organized securities crime.He refused to post it of course then
'writes' his silly two sentence piece on Ron Paul quoting the call girl 'journalist' bimbo Maria Bartiromo that he'd be exposing if he were not just like her.

Well if Gary ever sobers up(according to 'Bob O'Brien), maybe he can go back to looking for Italians(not Rudy Giuliani but scape goats he and his boss Steve Forbes don't like),while the CIA,James Dale Davidson types,Israelis and far right Arabs or Pakistanis like James Woolsey's pal Jihad Mansoor Ijaz continue about their illegal 'business' undisturbed by the ignorant jakkass Weiss.(Remember I can make mistakes but I don't pretend to be a professional writer or 'investigative reporter - they do )
Below is my reply to Gary's poorly or hardly written post about Ron Paul and Maria Bartiromo :

Gary why haven't you covered the Ron Paul-James Dale Davidson connection? For the same reason you are paid to ignore the Steve Forbes-James Dale Davidson connection ? And the NAANSS James Dale Davidson connection ?(In fact how can he dare write anything about Ron Paul without mentioning his 'Libertarian' ties to Davidson ?)

How did you miss Paul's support of the NCANS-NAANSS penny stock-money laundering fraud a short while ago ? Ron Paul's letter asking the SEC and Chris Naked Shorts Cox to do all they can(as if they aren't doing enough)to aid the fraud is on the SEC SHO comments board.Didn't I send you my article response ?

I did it a little while back,it can be found on a 'ron paul james dale davidson' google search.Could it be some or much of Paul's internet money came from the same Libertarians that attended their Nevada Fraud FreedomFest ?

I'm sure Steve Forbes knows them don't you ? Note Davidson 'invested' some of his penny stock profits in a Brazilian prostitute,uh,I mean wife.

By the by is it true what Patrick Byrne's (and I believe James Dale Davidson's) pal 'Bob O'Brien' says about you on thesanityscheck.con - that you are an alcoholic so Steve Forbes has to keep you in alcohol as well as mangoes ?

If he is telling the truth on that one it could explain a lot about your character and 'investigative journalism' to me.And as you end your two sentence blog on Ron Paul that mainly quotes Maria Bartiromo(another Wall Street journalist of ill repute)by saying of Ron Paul - ' Some populist' - well I agree but about you and Bartiromo,the Citicorp call girl reporter, some 'investigative reporters' you two are. Ha ha ha ha Hee hee heeee

- Tony Ryals

Below is quote from and link to internet site discussing
Ron Paul's and James Dale Davidson's attendence at Libertarian FreedomFest in Nevada this year.Now why would a real investigative journalist as Weiss claims to be miss this as well as Paul's letter to SEC re 'naked shorting' that he claims tobe investigating or covering....or covering up ?

For instance, while Ron Paul spoke to 600 people on How To Win Without Compromising, I was among just a few folks hoping to learn something from the legendary investor and author James Dale Davidson, who wrote The Sovereign Individual, The Great Reckoning, and Blood in the Streets.

Davidsons speech title was the most intriguing of the entire conference: How to Become a Billionaire by Marrying Miss Brazil Unfortunately, I wasted 30 minutes as Davidson babbled on about getting divorced and at age 58 meeting the 27 year-old Miss Brazil, and marrying her. The only penetrating insight he imparted was that if you are an old single guy and have a chance to marry a young Brazilian beauty queen go for it
(link to SEC letter on the evils of 'naked short selling from Ron Paul,

Nov. 14, 2007 Christopher S. Murphy, Christopher Shays, Rob Bishop and Ron Paul Members of Congress
(brief quote from brief blog today by Gary Weiss about Ron Paul and Maria Bartiromo:

Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Ron Paul: Friend of Wall Street?

Presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas, a would-be populist, said as follows to Maria Bartiromo in Business Week:............

Dealbreaker conducted a straw poll today: is Ron Paul a friend or foe of Wall Street? The results so far from the mainly Street readership: 88.8% friend, 11.2% foe.

Some populist.

- Gary Weiss