Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals

October 7, 2007

Dear SEC,

David Patch(who just sent you another pdf file)continues to represent insider traders and even offshore interests and individuals in worthless U.S. penny stocks while fraudulently misrepresenting himself to the SEC and readers of this site(and MANY penny stock scam sites) as an advocate for investors. And one of the MANY scams he has misrepresented to be a victim of 'naked short selling' is Adnan Khashoggi's,'s GenesisIntermedia.

Rudy Giuliani's biggest presidential campaign contributor, Paul Singer,as well as Carl Icahn and Adnan Khashoggi all appear to have benefitted financially from the scam called GenesisIntermedia,didn't they ?Why doesn't the SEC or the DOJ ask Carl Icahn and Paul Singer(hedge fund guy who virually invented vulture funds) if GenesisIntermedia was 'naked shorted' and just how much they and Adnan Khashoggi and Al Batrawi made before the vicious post 9/11 'naked shorting' occured ?(My guess is they didn't lose money.)

As for Patrick Byrne I wish he could 'invest' his shareholders money in something better and other than NCANS or Swift Boat Captains For Truth,Stormy Simon trust fund,Governor Jon Huntsman's political and securities and 'education' campaigns,etc.,etc.......

Re: Rudy Giuliani's Paul Singer, NY billionaire hedge fund exec
By carl icahn,paul singer,genesisintermedia on 10/6/2007 8:03:03 PM

Apparently Westgate that turns up on google searches of 'paul singer elliot associates' in SEC filings etc.,belongs to Carl Icahn.I only now recall that Icahn like,Rudy Giuliani backer Paul Singer,was also a big 'investor'(insider to the scam more than likely)in the GenesisIntermedia fraud of Adnan Khashoggi.
In many ways the financial backing of Rudy Giuliani by his biggest campaign contributer Paul Singer comes from the Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi the George Herbert Walker Bush Iran Contra figure Rudy Giuliani failed to convict And in writing to the U.S. SEC to protect fraudulent companies such as Bernie Kerik's Taser stun gun stock manipulation,Rudy Giuliani has aligned himself clearly to covering up not only for Kerick's scammy Taser buddies but for his supposed nemesis Adnan Khashoggi who Giuliani let walk during Iran Contra trials

So now Rudy is getting his support from GenesisIntermedia fraud of Khashoggi and Al Batrawi as well as the W Bush and Paul Singer Vulture funds fraud AGAINST POOR AFRICAN NATIONS AND THE AMERICAN PUBLIC WHO FILLED THE COFFERS IN AFRICA THAT PAUL SINGER FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES STOLE WITH GEORGE W BUSH'S KNOWLEDGE AND COLLUSION

carl icahn genesisintermedia

paul singer genesisintermedia

westgate carl icahn elliot associates paul singer

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