Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals

September 20, 2007

Dear SEC,
I note this failed to appear today although I posted it here last.I will try again and only provide a link rather than my full article on Daily Kos and Jerome Armstrong. has been the most important penny stock tout site to promote James Dale Davidson's NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling and now NCANS along with David Patch's and Mark Faulk's scammy
'investigatethesec.con' and thefaulkingtruth.con.Why has Christopher Cox and the SEC not shut these down rather than using SEC attorneys such as those at the SF branch to harrass journalists they suspect might expose this massive fraud ?

Why does the SEC continue to pretend that NCANS is a credible source of stock information knowing that worthless penny stocks that are used for money laundering
and offshore 'anonymous' accounts are involved ? You must realise how phoney all this is with the SEC Chairman just like 'Bob O'Brien' warning of the dangers of 'naked short selling' AND NEVER PROVIDING PROOF.Why ?

And Endovasc with its past use of Stanford University patents to promote its unending pumps and dumps continues its scam although no longer touting Stanford's NRA or Nicotine Receptor Agonist ,and John Cooke and Stanford even began touting their 'nicotine for'angiogenesis' and 'stem cell recruitment'through another fly by night 'company' called Athenagen a year before Endovasc even released a press release saying they were no longer developing them Both the SEC and the FDA have allowed fraud unendingly and Christopher Cox has lied about naked shorting because in my experience Stanford's's Endovasc did issue shares they either never even put in SEC filings or when they finally did acknowledge in 2003 some of the 10's of millions of shares they had dumped after their phony 'reverse split' and the fraudulent claim of being 'naked shorted' along with the Houston attorney John O'Quinn - they just cried 'we were naked shorted' and yet you keep them in 'business' just like you do Jag Media Holdings with its Bermuda Shorts scandal Why ?

I'm not only lamenting losing 100% of my money in a 'biotech' fraud that appears to have aided a Bellador Group,Kuala Lumpur boiler room and money laundering operation your own 'IT' group SRA International had some connection to,but the fact that SEC and FDA has allowed and encouraged such academic and research fraud.

The SEC and the FDA has allowed,even encouraged ,academic research fraud and thus have contributed to Georgetown University's Samaritan Pharmaceuticals fraud as well as Endovasc and Stanford University's nicotine 'angiogenesis' and 'stem cell recruitment' fraud and the University of British Columbia's and Genemax's 'cancer vaccine' fraud against science and investors. Why ? And now James Dale Davidson of NAANSS is running scam out of this and Steve Forbes','s National Taxpayers Union office almost next to you in Alexandria,Virginia for Israel's Technion, claiming to get stem cells from some unidentified 'placentas' and Frank Carlucci is involved. Why ?

Below is an ad from NCANS' supposed anti-'naked short selling' website that work's with Securities Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher 'Naked Shorts'Cox and its thesanitycheck.con,to 'educate'investors about the grave dangers of 'naked short selling' to 'U.S. MARKETS AS THEY EXPLAINED IN THEIR FEBRUARY 8,2005 $100,000+ Washington
Post AD-LETTER TO W Bush and the SEC I say they work with SEC's Cox because not only has he done nothing to expose their fraudulent claim - but to the contrary - he and SEC Commissioner Paul Atkins have made the same fraudulent or unsubstantiated claim about the supposed dangers of 'naked shorting' to U.S. markets even they know their and NCANS claim is used to conceal insider share manipulation and share dumping. Why ?

I believe in the end if this continues it will be Chris 'Naked Shorts' Cox and Paul Atkins who will do much to soil the reputation of U.S. markets and even give Blue Chips a black eye along the penny stocks being used for the fraudulent 'naked short selling' claim of James Dale Davidson,David Patch,Patrick Byrne,

And the ad-letter to the Washington Post was paid in great part from Patrick Byrne's pump and dump profits of Overstock.con,just as were those 2005 television Christmas ads for Overstock.con on Fox News .....(below link to shb capital ad on theinsanitycheck.con.

This link and quote below it is found as an ad on thesanitycheck.con : busine...sSolutions.aspx


Are you interested in offering Regulations S securities to your Non-US clients ?

We are one of the preeminent Corporate Finance firms in the area of Regulations S ( Reg S) and proud ourselves to be able to offer the entire spectrum of services surrounding a successful placement of Reg S securities.

Patrick Byrne and his anonymous buddy 'Bob O'BRien',also besides decrying the unproven claim of 'naked short selling' on their penny stock pump and dump profits also decry Hedge Funds as well(even though Patrick's brother has or had a hedge fund himelf with Warren Buffett as an investor).

So don't 'hedge funds',as much or more so than anyone,use and depend upon worthless U.S. penny stocks (that the con artists running thesanitycheck.con pretend to be fighting)and Reg S type transactions to operate their onshore -offshore securities frauds in the first place ? Why in hell is the U.S. SEC and its lying Chairman Christopher
'WMDS' Cox not having any comments on Reg S and all the corruption and fraud being caused by that rather than going on and on about reg 'SHO' IN THE FIRST PLACE ?

Maybe Christopher 'Naked Shorts' Cox has been having too many 'briefings' from the CIA ? And maybe all those worthless Reg S shares floating around the world might at least in part account for some of those 'naked shorts' ?

Tony Ryals

And this,with link,is my most recent post to the world wide web titled,'9/11:CIA,Daily Kos,Markos Moulitsas Zniga, Jerome Armstrong, ICTS Israel, Securacom Kuwait,ragingbull Stock Fraud '.

Besides Mr.Kos'or Markos Moulitsas Zuniga's link to both the CIA as an intern or whatever in 2001,as well as to ragingbull.con or penny stock tout site through his blogging partner Jerome Armstrong,one does wonder just how much CIA or other government employees might haunt this scammy dark alley of the internet that, for whatever reason,search engines hardly ever venture into.Certainly international criminals with Reg S or unregistered shares of worthless U.S. penny stocks do

As you can read about my experiences with ragingbull.con and UCSY under the alias wolfblitzzer0,one of my many aliases over the years,(the'management' in Massachusetts is biased towards aiding the touts on their boards and removed one 'alias' of mine after the other for denouncing frauds such as Genemax, Endovasc,Jag Media Holdings vFin, and Universal Communications Systems. The U.S.SEC has allowed ragingbull.con message boards to allow unending pumps and dumps and fraud against many a naive and inexperienced 'investor' and yet STILL it continues.
Why ?

Tony Ryals

9/11:CIA,Daily Kos,Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, Jerome Armstrong, ICTS Israel, Securacom Kuwait,ragingbull Stock Fraud