Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Kathleen H

September 13, 2007

To the commissioners:

I am a CMKX shareholder, and an American citizen. It has recently been brought to my attention the SEC is delaying release of funds that are intended for distribution to the shareholders of CMKX. Therefore, if proof of that does exist, I respectfully request that you release these funds that have been wrongfully withheld from us. Should the funds not be released in a timely fashion, I believe shareholders will continue to proceed with further action (within the confines of the law) as long as this matter remains unresolved. THIS INJUSTICE MUST STOP It is my opinion there are literally THOUSANDS of CMKX shareholders who are fed up with being ignored and purposely misinformed. We cannot continue to be "pushed aside" while whatever "game plan" is done. I implore you to move this matter along with expedience. Thank you.