Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals

September 15, 2007

This was posted on the message board
but is obviously meant to be my comment here regarding the appearance of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's paid hack or 'spokeman' Michael J. Ryan of - AMEX - the sleazy
'exchange that James Angel's Georgetown University's Samaritan Pharmaceuticals 'trades' on as well as Circle Group Holdings fraud that both James Dale Davidson claimed was a victim of 'naked shorting' in a 2004 Vantage Point - Agora Inc. tout-promotion Then by coincidence,'Bob O'Brien' of NCANS and NFI.NET began to promote it yet again as a victim of 'naked short selling' some while back Coincidnce or is James Dale Davidson on board the NCANS fraud while the ponzi schemer Christopher 'Naked Shorts' Cox pretends to look the other way - still trying to find those 'WMDS' in Iraq no doubt ?

So this Chamber of Commerce and AMEX representative Ryan himself appears to have a conflict of interest to say the least in representing both AMEX and the Chamber,doesn't he ? Also Judith Burns,(Rupert Murdoch's new reporter at the WSJ),didn't even get the REAL story as you can see from the post of the unidentified penny stock touter AlanC on the Jagh tout board of ragingbull.con where he posted her poor jornalism that did not even connect Ryan to the AMEX

Ms. Morrison would you please ask posters here to disclose such outrageous conflicts of interest in the future ?
David Patch for instance does not represent penny stock 'retail' investors who get defrauded such as myself,he represents the likes of James Dale Davidson, Adnan Kasshoggi, and their ilk


Tony Ryals


Michael J. Ryan's AMEX,U.S. Chamber of Commerce Conflict of Interest
By naked short claim fraudsters bought the sec on 9/14/2007 8:22:08 PM

This DOW JONES article as you can see below was placed on the fraudulent JAGH 'message' or tout board by the alias AlanC no doubt a pal in penny stock fraud with David Patch,Gary Valinoti, U.S.Chamber of Commerce letter that Judith Burns, Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES refers to appeared on the SEC's SHO comments site today.

I haven't read it because I can't download the pdf format it is in and besides what Rupert Murdoch's reporter doesn't say is as telling as what she does....

Yes this unethical character,Michael J. Ryan, may write on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce -but how many of its members are involved in and pumping and dumping worthless penny stock shares listed on the AMEX or OTCBB for instance?

Also I have duscovered that this Michael J. Ryan who writes for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce himself has a serious conflict of interest,i.e.- he was or is chief legal counsel for the sleazy AMEX stock exchange that has had more than one sleazy penny stock company lieing about being 'naked shorted' previously, including the Circle Group Holdings that both James Dale Davidson's Vantage Point of Agora Inc and the anonymous 'Bob O'Brien' of Patrick Byrne's's NCANS or National Coalition Against Naked Shorting' have touted as a victim of - you guessed it - 'naked short selling'.

How in hell did the Wall Street Journal or WSJ's and now Rupert Murdoch's reporter Judith Burns miss that conflict of interest ?In fact Judith Burns fails to mention the name of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spokeman,Michael J. Ryan,in her report altogether so that her readers might at least by chance make the connection themselves You have to go to the most recent SHO comments of the penny stock cover up board to see his name

AlanC Michael J. Ryan

By: AlanC
14 Sep 2007, 01:47 PM EDT
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