Subject: cmkm diamonds trust fund

September 12, 2007


Please take time to read this email that is being sent today by thousands of shareholders of CMKM Diamonds Company (CMKX) It seems that the SEC is dragging their heals as usual and causing delay after delay after delay.

There is reportedly over 60,000 shareholders holding stock certificates and have patiently waited for quite some time for the SEC to finish their investigation. With Fails to Deliver (counterfeit shares), in the TRILLIONS, it seems the SEC is reluctant to do anything FOR the shareholders.

I am a CMKX shareholder. I am also an American citizen. I am aware that the SEC is delaying release of trust funds that are intended for distribution to the shareholders of CMKX. I respectfully request that you release these funds that have been wrongfully withheld from us for the past 16 months.

Should the funds not be released in a timely fashion, I intend to contact my Senators and Congressmen, and those listed below about this issue and if the problem remains unresolved, I intend to participate in a march on Washington DC and in particular the SEC offices to publicly address this injustice.

Any help you that you may be able to do in this situation will be gratefully appreciated by over 60,000 shareholders.


Linda Brown