Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Jerry F Yearout

September 12, 2007

Let me preface my comment by saying this is something that should have been taken care of long ago. Please see that the individual investor is not taken to the cleaners again. There have been many watching from the sidelines as to what has happened in your organization (SEC). There have been many resign and leave and other that were removed when they spoke up to wrong doing. I am not pointing fingers just stating that righting the ship has taken a long time please see that the course you set is true and see that the captain has a dependable support crew. Please enforce the rules equally to all involved not just a select few. It appears that when someone is caught doing wrong the punishment for the crime doesn't fit the crime. I my opinion they should be eliminated from ever holding a securities position and disgorged all monies associated with the wrong doing. I wonder how loud the howl would be if the government said
"Let's Outsource The SEC duties". Please return investments to something we can trust in again.