Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: James Caris
Affiliation: Unionized work force

September 13, 2007

Amendments to Regulation SHO, File No.: S7-19-07

I have been spreading the word about the corruption and COUNTERFIETING in our markets,to all union and non-union persons that will lend me thier ear. When I begin it usually starts with explaining the treasonous use of power by the SEC in making up the unlawful grandfather clause. It saddens and infuriates all who I tell that certain entities out there have robbed the american investors blind through naked short selling of securities, and that the SEC the ones who should have stopped it on day one simply said it does not exist, and now today are holding meetings on this very abuse that does NOT exist. When I tell people how long this abuse has been occuring they are stunned and jaws drop at the fact the SEC has known about it for a very long time.
We the american public now get it that it is OK to steal a $1000 from us becouse the police will only fine you $10 and tell you (not make you) stop. Myself like every one from stocks I own (, Universal Express, CMKM diamonds, etc.)are fed up and demand action with no more leaniancy to the COUNTERFIETERS we think a fair and level market place is what AMERICA deserves. Lets stop talking and asking for letters on something that a JR. high student can see needs fixed NOW, with no exceptions for any one or any entities.


An American citizen