Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals

September 12, 2007

Dear SEC ,

So now the NFI and and other worthless and fraudulent penny stocks touter Mary Hellburn(who made that scammy NCANS penny stock porn video starring herself as a poor naked short selling investor-victim in 2005 along with Utah Senator Bob Bennett and Georgetown University 'professor' James Angel and their anonymous pal 'Bob O'Brien') makes her appearance here with the ongoing CMKX Diamonds con artists is fitting.

Besides touting Global Links and CMKX, etc, on Yahoo she promoted and touted NFI(daily for years )as a victim of 'naked shorting' even when it was obvious that everyone who was involved in or conned into the scam by the likes of her and 'Bob O'Brien' - ALL received their dividend.In other words NFI was as much a ponzi scheme as a penny stock scheme because it always paid a dividend and thus proved Hellburn's claim a fraud because EVERYONE with shares received their dividends thus the shares in their accounts were indeed real shares(not 'naked shorts')and were ALL issued by the scammy 'company' called NFI

Below on the thread I started re Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, and Stormy Simon on the KYC or message board is an alias 'nutters'
who posts a critique of my contention that James Angel and James Dale Davidson(who if he didn't create the term
'naked shorting',at least is the one who put it in most of our brains,(just as he did the 'Clinton killed Vince Foster' claim).So please add this to my statements on this ongoing fraud and let me scream - I now know I was not 'naked shorted' but defrauded in a most viscious pump and dump scheme and that because Bellador Group of Kuala Lumpur was involved - took my money to an area of the world much worse that Cuba for instance that Chris Cox and Treasury's Paulson scream about - and contrary to the SEC and Chris Cox and Treasury Secretary Paulson - I believe even allowing my money or any other American's money to go to a boiler operation there that even had 'business' in Dubai - is treason

Halliburton itself should lose all contracts for locating to the country,Dubai,where the $70,000 check to Mohamed Atta was sent to Venice,Florida from.And as an American I should be willing to give my life denouncing this injustice and exclaiming to the SEC everyday in as many ways possible - I PROTEST SENDING MY INVESTMENT IN A STANFORD UNIVERSITY PATENT TO DUBAI OR KUALA LUMPUR

below from message board:

Re: Utah Mormon Gov Jon Hunstman,Securities Fraud,Stormy Simon and Murder
By james angel and dale davidson:conspiracy or coincidence ? on 9/12/2007 8:29:28 PM

I would be surprised if more than a couple of the people whom you accuse of being "in" on the great conspiracy regarding naked short selling even know what it is. A collection of junk posts of a value not dissimilar to spam is what you have created.
- nutters

In fact James Dale Davidson,if he did not invent the penny stock fraud claiming that 'naked shorting' was destroying the 'value' of the worthless 'companies' whose worthless shares he was pumping and dumping,(i.e.- Genemax,Endovasc and Power Channel,etc.) - he did take and promote that fraudulent claim and term through NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling that was located in the same Blaine,Washington office that his Genemax pump and dump operation was located out of.

The phrase 'naked short selling' never existed before the era of the internet as far as I can tell,(and a 1999 complaint about it to the SEC by an anonymous complainant is the earliest mention of 'naked shorting' unless you can prove otherwise)and it is simply a fact of the history of penny stock fraud that Davidson, and his NAANSS took the fraudulent claim to the extremes you find all over internet penny stock tout boards today.

However like the con artist James Angel of Georgetown University,(that has allowed Janet Greeson to use their bad name to tout her Samaritan Pharmaceuticals scam for the financial gain of corrupt Georgetown 'researchers'),
James Dale Davidson is a well known character of the Beltway for many years.And now James Angel only a few miles away from Davidson's and Steve Forbes''s National Taxpayers Union is the only and NASDAQ and OTCBB connected 'business' professor aiding the fraud and doing videos for NCANS or National Coalition Against Naked Short Selling .

So both are major players in promoting the fraud and lieing about the dangers of 'naked short selling' to penny stocks.If they don't know each other I suggest Davidson take a short trip to Georgetown to meet the 'business' professor who has done the most to promote the fraud and scam he took public from Agora Inc of Baltimore and the world wide internet and the Blaine,Washington's NAANSS office.Or Angel should take a short trip to meet Davidson at the National Taxpayers Union in Alexandria,Virginia... Or maybe they could both meet at Chris 'Naked Shorts' Cox's SEC office to both thank him personally for aiding their mutual fraud AND ORGANISED CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES AND MONEY LAUNDERING OPERATION CALLED 'NAKED SHORTING'.

It's almost like a cluster of cancer cases all in one very small area of the Beltway that almost defies coincidence, doesn't it ? And you know the Utah SEC attorney Brent Baker who let James Davidson,Porter Stansberry and Bill Bonner's Agora Inc get away with the fraudulent claim ? He is now a well paid lawyer with NCANS of Patrick Byrne and the uinidentified individual 'Bob O'Brien' of thesanitycheck.con(who himself acknowledged in a state of panic on Yahoo's NFItout board on June 2,2005 that a James Dale Davidson was also funding NCANS or National Coalition Against Naked Shorting' and providing it with 'cell phones,etc.).

Coincidences these may all be but we can say Davidson,were the ones to put the fraudulent 'naked short selling' claim on the internet map and James Angel who has done a video decrying the supposed dangers of 'naked shorting' for NCANS has been academias biggest stooge buffoon and con artist to use his professional position to 'legitimize' this Davidson and Agora Inc created fraud.

So I don't care if they know each other or not - I care that they are both,like the SEC Chair Chris Naked Shorts Cox and SEC Commissioner Paul Atkins,and a number of corrupt attorneys and David Patch and Patrick Byrne,etc.,etc., promoting it and in most cases profiting from the penny stock scams using the claim Capisce ? Funny how the word 'National' appears so often in this post isn't it ? And strange that Davidson considers himself a 'sovereign individual'.But like they say about scoundrels wrapping themselves in the flag....the war monger Davidson drapes himself in phoney 'Nationalism'.

One only wonders that if the CIA is giving Chris 'WMDS'Cox monthly briefings,as he claims,whether that means they are encouraging also encouraging the Chairman of the SEC to promote this lie and fraud as well.

- Tony Ryals