Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Gerard (Red Dragon) -- Wild, MR
Affiliation: Instructor. Martial Arts

September 12, 2007

CIA,FBI,IRS,DOJ everyone of these goverment bodies have been proven too be corrupt have failed in thier duty to protect this great country of ours.Now the SEC will join the list.How can I teach my children grandchildren to respect our form of goverment when it has a track record of deceit corruption?.You did not take your job at the SEC just to get a pay check ( or did you ?).It is time to stand up defend your country against the evil doers that only want to line thier pockets with ill gotten gains.It is time to stop protecting the CRIMINALS protect the AMERICAN INVESTOR.The future is not only mine,it belongs to you also.I will tell you what your job is(sorry to be so blatant). PROTECT THE AMERICAN INVESTOR.NAKED SHORT SALES are ILLEGAL,PERIOD.
Respectfully yours, Gerard Wild.RedDragon Academy of Martial Arts.