Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Vitaly Astistov
Affiliation: Student of Finance

September 12, 2007

With the introduction of the Regulation SHO, the eyes of all retail investors were on the List of the Threshold companies, that had more, than 10% of outstanding shares in fails-to-deliver. If new regulation worked, the market would respond with the price movements and market covering.

Did not happen ...

It was just a bluff. Rules only work, if enforced. The steering wheel stayed firmly in the hands of market manipulators.

We invested into the Stock Market, because of its historical quality of being a "favorable game", the game with rules, that afford the companies, selling their stock, to create new jobs and advance in their field of business. Our money were to multiply by generating new wealth for everyone.

Little did we know, that the game was rigged, and the seeds were to fall into a fake soil, never to see the crops.

The weakening of the US economy by destruction of thousands of small upstart companies ought to be addressed by the Congress of the United States, or the US Stock Market will face a global disgrace and isolation.

I, CMKM Diamonds Inc. shareholder since 2003, was made to study this market regulation phenomena for four years, looking for the areas, were it protects retail shareholders, and did not find any.

SEC habitually resolved problems with the heavily naked shorted companies by revoking their stocks from trading. The reason for CMKX revocation was the company's non-reporting status, in spite of the legal impossibility for the CEO to sign off on the company financials without signing his own prison sentence. The CMKX stock was the most shorted stock in the history of the Stock Markets.

The CMKM Diamonds Inc. exists now as a private entity. The claims are undeveloped, the jobs not created, and the shareholders base of about 72,000 around the world, spends nights on message boards, reflecting upon the almost certain grave future of this great nation.

We are still waiting for a return on our investment, for which to materialize is for the US Regulators to fulfill their duty.