Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals

September 11, 2007

Dear SEC,
Would you please have both Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr as well as Georgetown University's James Angel disclose their connections to both Patrick Byrne's and if the Governor's $75,000 from Byrne his biggest contributer came from money as did Stormy Simon's $1 million 'loan' or from another source ? Do you all realise the 'naked shorting' claim is a fraud yet and that being used to pay for political 'dirty tricks' such as
Swift Boat Captains For Truth etc. and an anti-John Edwards campaign that conveniently served Jack Byrne's insurance business agenda ?

James Angel as you know for whatever reasons or motives of his own did two videos promoting the fraudulent 'naked shorting' claim - the first one being for NCANS itself that is funded by people who the SEC should have gotten off the internet and whose scam websites should have been closed long ago.

Why has Christopher Cox aided this fraud as well as Paul Atkins and ex Utah SEC attorney Brent Baker who is in Patrick Byrne's employ and has taken money from the scam just alike Gov Huntsman and Stormy Simon ? And why did Baker and the SEC let James Dale Davidson and his pals including David Patch get away with fomenting this fraudulent U.S. penny stock claim that is
repeated and promoted as far as Al Jazeeera in Qatar when it is a claim made only by thoserunning U.S. penny stock pumps and dumps ?

Note neither James Angel nor Governor Huntsman have ever been harmed by the fraudulent claims of the penny stock shysters the SEC allows to promote penny stock frauds freely and mostly anonymously on the internet.In have it appears based upon Patrick Byrne's donations to Huntsman he has made over $70,000 from the pump and dump and ongoing stock manipulation of by Patrick Byrne, have been harmed by Endovasc,Stanford University's 'naked short' claim fraud.How can you all do this to fellow Americans and allow U.S. penny stock fraud to extend as far as Dubai and Qatar post 9/11 when you KNOW the $70,000 check sent to Mohamed Atta and cashed in Venice,Florida shortly before 9/11 came from Dubai ?

Also it appears Georgetown University's sleazy ties and
money received from Janet Greeson and Samaritan Pharmaceuticals has led her or others involved with the scam to claim that ongoing pump and dump ayou gueassed it,'victim of naked shorting'.