Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: M S

September 11, 2007

I am a CMKX Share Holder, one of THOUSANDS in our stock that have been held prisoner by NSS. We wait and work hard to stay informed, there is NO REST for anyone until balance is restored.

It is our hope daily that the SEC does right by the American people and all the peoples of the world who have been injured by the illegal activity Naked Short Sales and Failures to Deliver have caused due to the SEC allowing investors to be stolen from right in the SEC's sight and under their control.

The SEC does not get a free pass, for all the money that has been stolen from investors that work hard for the money they use to invest. You have been Caught.

RIGHT is RIGHT and WRONG is WRONG there is NO grey area and by now the SEC knows that they will not be let off the hook. It is time step up to the plate to make the necessary changes for the severe damage caused to all investors as a result of this illegal action. This must be turned around completely and the damage must be paid for immediately to begin to restore balance.

There is NO escaping correction at this point. It is beyond time for this Monumental Wrong to be corrected. It is beyond time for the SEC to do the right thing by the people and to remove those who would stand in the way of doing what is RIGHT.

Our country has suffered serious destruction as a result of the corrupt actions permitted and endorsed by the SEC.

We The People, will continue to move forward in this matter until we see the changes necessary to bring resolution, we will not go away, this problem will not go away, it MUST be resolved and we MUST be paid for the damages inflicted upon us We will not waiver our RIGHTS.

We The Peoplewill stand United as Americans to see to it that this is corrected and what is left of our country is salvaged.

CMKX is a strong Share Holder base in itself and we refuse to continue to be overlooked.

The elimination of the market maker exemption for settlement of short sales is way overdue.

There is NO getting out of it, the Time is NOW.