Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Mary L Jacobs, Ms

September 11, 2007

I purchased 320,516 shares of BCIT, Bancorp International,
during August 2005. To date, the CEO, Thomas Megas,
insists that the stock sold me by Scottrade were naked short shares. Numerous people attempted to get certificates for their shares held as IOU's in street name , but are given the run around by their brokers. To date, the stock is not trading because of a disagreement between the company and DTC who will not clear trades, as to which
shares were counterfeit and which were naked short sales, the latter believed to be around half a million (FTD's).

The counterfeits have been located and dealt with via a trial in Okalahoma and settled. The remaining FTD's are naked short shares but the DTC will not make a market so they can be covered, and a company refuses to dilute its stock to cover them, because they did not receive the moneyh for these shares and did not sell or authorize them.

The reason for the impasse is the LARGE liability of the brokers for shares sold they did not possess (NSS, FTD's)

BCIT was on the SHO list during the early part of the summer,
but this did not fix the naked short selling that went on during Aug 16 to Aug 31, 05, whereupon the stock was temporarily

My funds have been tied up for over two years, waiting for the DTC to clear trades and free up my shares for sale.

I do not feel protected for having bought shares neither the brokers nor the company will recognize. This kind of abuse needs to be corrected, especially since it occurred after regulation SHO was in effect.