Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Lawrence Shultz
Affiliation: A Screwed Investor thanks to the Crooked SEC

August 11, 2007

To Whom it may concern.

Can someone PLEASE inform me WHY Tax Payers hard earned dollars goes to support a TERRORIST Cell known as the SEC? The SEC as with many Government agencies are far worse than any threat from the so called Al-Queda. It may be time to bring our boys home to fight the REAL TERRORIST that are doing the most harm to this Country and they are all located in Washington D.C. The Counterfeiting of stock shares is nothing less than Illegal Printing of Money which is being stolen from every fair playing Investor with the assistance of the US Government each and everyDAY. If this was China we would be seeing Public Executions which is very much needed in this Country. We are on course to leave NOTHING to our Kids Grandkids due to these Criminal Acts that are supported by the SEC DOJ for allowing this to even happen. If the President is SERIOUS about TERRORISM he has ONLY to Look in his own backyard if he wanted to really do something about it. One day everyone will meet their maker and then those involved will witness their judgement with everlasting LIFE in HELL.