Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: frank christopher
Affiliation: CMKX shareholder

September 11, 2007

There is still too many loop holes.
Easy answer:
No exceptions
No short sales
No loop holes
If you do not own it you can not sell it.

Instead of drafting a 123 page document to create confusing rules and open things up for interpretation, how about investigating illegal sales that have already been made and track down were billions of dollars that have been stolen (because of your wonderful regulations) have gone.

People are losing confidence in your system and when enough people loss that confidence IT will affect your market.

I myself have been affected by your (needing significant change) regulations that are in place to help protect investors. Take a look at CMKX. Risky, yes, but your rules let it happen. And were you now? Trying to CYA.

Dont forget about the little guy. We have lots of money to pump into YOUR market.