Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Vijay Kumar

September 12, 2008

- Please reinstate the uptick rule
- Ban naked shorting

What the terrorists did on 9/11, a lot worse then that is being done to the US economy by financial terrorists operating under the guise of hedge funds. They know that the SEC is sleeping and there are no protections in place. The uptick rule has been removed. Naked-shorting is being done with gay abundance. There are absolutely no protections in place. So the financial terrorists are taking down one company after another. They have the power to drive any company into the ground. First it was Bear-Stearns. Next Freddie and Fannie. Next Lehman. Next Wamu. Next Merril. Next AIG. Next Morgan. Next Goldman. Next Bank of America. Next Citi and so on and on it will go.

Please wake up already SEC. Please stop the collapse of the US Markets. Just reinstate the uptick rule and Ban naked shorting.