Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Joe Headrick

July 8, 2008

Chairman Cox:

You people appear to me to be stalling. Get rid of Reg Sho now! As I said to A Nazareth in a blistering phone call last year, you are holding the door on the getaway car out in the back alley while the thieves leave town. As the United States goes out of business, the investors are being skinned alive by the bankster frauds on Wall Street in a last ditch effort to pick the dying investors bones clean. The depression upon us really started last year IMO, but you appear to be trying to put it on the next administration, likely a muslim administration. When I say that yesterdays American was solid gold, and todays american is a third rate pile of youknowwhat, this is part of what I am talking about. I wore the uniform of the U S Air Force and did a dang good job for my country. Now, in retrospect, and to repeat the words of a WW2 vet, if I knew then what I know now about the U S Government, I likely would have fought for the other side.

I am a stock holder in CMKX & the shareholders collectively have you banksters in a vise like grip since we pulled stock certificates enmasse two+ years ago. This was a deliberate and organized sting operation, again IMO, and we have proof that you swindled us or allowed it by others.

Chairman Cox, please stop the "bob n weave" chicanery and follow the law. Our country depends on it.

With all due respect,

Joe Headrick