Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Debi Kiontke

September 11, 2007

Equality is a simple concept. So is fairness. A level playing field for all investors is just and necessary. All trades should settle within three days. Transparency for all parties involved in trades is an immediately attainable goal.

Parsing the daylights out of common investment terms in an effort to hide the truth from the public needs to end immediately. Congress, along with 'self regulating' organizations like the SEC, The Federal Reserve, and the DTC, need to be held fully accountable for the now unavoidable financial meltdown that their greed has allowed.

Investors bought stock in company's on the Regulation SHO list in good faith. They believed the SEC would require mandatory buy-ins as promised. They did not. Investor's holding many of those SHO list stocks are still being held financially hostage by prices artificially lowered from the abundance of 'naked shorted shares'.

There are multiple companies that have proven that their stocks were manipulated, and naked shorted. The SEC by their actions and inactions, has contributed directly to the loss of investor's money, businesses, investment capital, tax revenues, jobs, and the present state of the market and the economy.

The fact that the SEC is still taking comments on regulation SHO proves how incapable they are of looking out for the best interests of the investing public.

End the options Market Maker exemption. Bring back the uptick rule. Settles all trades within 3 days. To do otherwise shows contempt towards the investing public, the law, common decency and common sense.


Debi Kiontke - One of the 72,000 CMKX shareholders worldwide waiting for transparency from the SEC.