Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Nan v krish

August 20, 2008

SEC, let Chicago Board of Options Exchange publish all outstanding contracts by options market makers start of the expiration week. I will predict one week in advance where precisely the options market maker will PARK THE STOCK PRICE with the help of options market maker exemption. It is conceivable to imagine that options market makers are pressurising CBOE to take up with SEC to water down any change that will be implemented in this exemption. Know why CBOE is asking for the leeway to extend the fails to deliver by options market maker exemption? It wants to be in a position to retain status quo on options market maker exemption to them even if you eliminated the exemption. It is all about MONEY, BIG MONEY. The big boys options market makers are worried that the elimination of the exemption will prevent them from PRINTING MONEY they have been so easily able to do for years with your exemption. NO EXEMPTIONS TO ANYBODY.Let it be a level playing field for everybody. CBOE with your delta neutral strategy on OPTIONS you are destroying the market for honest market participants for the UNDERLYING STOCK. CBOE take your business elsewhere.