Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Johnnie Adoe
Affiliation: Concerned Citizen

August 12, 2008

Dear Securities and Exchange Commission:

Even though I greatly appreciate the recent actions contained in your emergency order(s) to protect the stock of 19 specific companies from illegal naked shorting (which is the counterfeiting of stock shares) and think that this should be permanently extended to all stocks -- the simple truth of this matter is that under your SEC leadership the largest counterfeiting rings in the history of the world have been allowed to operate with impunity.

"Naked Shorting" is plainly and simply a euphemism for the "counterfeiting" of publicly traded shares of stock, and NOT as the phrase implies - a person who is naked while shorting a stock.

The phrase "naked shorting" must have been coined by those wishing to conceal the true nature of "naked shorting" - Since "Naked Shorting" is actually the "ACT of COUNTERFEITING PUBLICLY TRADED STOCKS" with the intent of making easy money through the manipulation of the stock market.

To my knowledge all "Acts of Counterfeiting" are crimes in the United States except the "ACT of COUNTERFEITING PUBLICLY TRADED STOCKS." Under the leadership of this Securities and Exchange Commission, the "ACT of COUNTERFEITING PUBLICLY TRADED STOCKS" has been effectively legalized.

Again I applaud your recent emergency orders to STOP the "ACT of COUNTERFEITING PUBLICLY TRADED STOCKS" naked shorting for 19 companies. Yet I understand you may let this emergency order expire tonight at 11:59 PM (Aug 12th, 2008). If you allow this order to expired then we are back to square one where this SEC allows all "ACT of COUNTERFEITING" ALL PUBLICLY TRADED STOCKS to commence once again with your blessings.

When I ask myself how highly educated SEC Commissions could allow any "ACT of COUNTERFEITING PUBLICLY TRADED STOCKS" to exist and continue to exist with impunity, I am left with only one possibility when I follow the money trail...

You, as appointed by publicly elected officials, are under pressure from those who appointed you and those who approved your commission to allow the rich and powerful political supporters to make easy money through the "ACT of COUNTERFEITING PUBLICLY TRADED STOCKS" so these rich and powerful people will have extra money to donate to the political process that gave you your job.

For example, I heard on TV that it will cost the Democratic and Republican parties something like 3 Billion dollars to run the presidential campaigns.... YES - THREE BILLION DOLLARS

Which wealthy donors are going to pay for this 3 BILLION DOLLAR BILL?
The ones who are allowed to "COUNTERFEIT PUBLICLY TRADED STOCKS" through Counterfeiting Hedge Funds? So they can make Some Easy Money for themselves and for the political parties?

When I look at the actions of this SEC, it just coincidentally happened that this SEC REMOVED the "Uptick Rule" about the same time the presidential campaigns began
And WHO benefits from this change?
The Counterfeiting Hedge Funds and the Counterfeiting Market Makers (You Legalized This) and the Counterfeiting Day Traders Operations?

And it just so happens that this SEC does not like transparency

Your Regulation SHO Threshold Securities List is simple a way of hiding the truth from the American People, is it not?

Does NOT this "SHO Threshold Securities List" tell the Counterfeiting Hedge Funds, the Counterfeiting Day Trader Operations, and the Counterfeiting Market Markets, that "we the SEC" will allow you to "Counterfeit Shares of Publicly Traded Stocks" "in SECRET" as long as your Counterfeiting remains UNDER the % Threshold for reporting?

Under your leadership the LARGEST COUNTERFEITING RINGS on the face of this earth have been allowed to flourish unchecked, with impunity, until your recent emergency order.

The immediate question before you, the SEC Commissions, is whether you are going to extend your emergency order tonight to protect the stock of 19 companies from the "ACT OF COUNTERFEITING STOCKS?"

OR WHETHER you are going to continue your support for the "LARGEST COUNTERFEITING RINGS" on the face of this earth by letting your emergency order expire tonight.

Since the presidential campaigns are still under way and still requiring large sums of money to finance, the appearances surrounding the actions of this SEC toward the Counterfeiting Rings would dictate that you let your emergency order expire tonight.

Just in case your SEC Commissioners have not consider this, let me explain the following:

Even though history will show that you have allowed the LARGEST COUNTERFEITING RINGS on the face of this earth to flourish unchecked, with impunity, until your recent emergency order, you now have an opportunity to also show history that you will no longer support and promote the "STOCK COUNTERFEITING RINGS."

I await your answer by watching to see tomorrow whether you extend your emergency order or not for those 19 companies.

And whether you will extend your emergency order to cover all publicly traded stocks.


PS: I wonder if it is just a coincidence that the price of oil started to drop after your emergency order to stop the counterfeiting of 19 publicly traded companies with the promise of extending this order to all other stocks?