Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Jennifer Cleveland

August 1, 2008

Christopher Cox, Chairman and Nancy M. Morris, Secretary have encouraged investors to send more comments to them at The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. File No. S7-19-07. Amendment to Regulation SHO.
I sent a letter on July 19, 2008, but it has been ignored and hasn't appeared on your site. I want my voice heard. The SEC has delayed tending to their business by requesting all these comment periods. Then, they complain that they aren't receiving comments. I have sent comments every single comment period and I want it noted, rather than ignored. The SEC needs to tend to business. It is illegal to Naked Short Sell securities. Action needs to be taken immediately.
I agree with this article from Forbes, and will just request that you read and heed the info in it.
Naked short-selling is a major contributor to market turmoil.
After years of arguing to the contrary, the Securities and Exchange Commission has finally acknowledged that the practice of short-selling without pre-borrowing or locating shares can be harmful to large public companies. It is time that it acknowledges the harm it does to small ones as well.
The SEC needs to uphold our laws and protect the shareholders and small companies. I request that you do your jobs starting now