Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: stephanie a casner

July 31, 2008

Please take a look at Sangamo (ticker SGMO), a promising bio tech company that has been on the RegSho list for years. The company has clinical trials underway for HIV, Diabetic Neuropathy, as well as partnerships with Dow Agro and Sigma Aldrich for a variety of other food and energy opportunities. SGMO regularly has nearly 25% of its shares short. Now, I dont know about you, but companies like this are the future, and one of the reasons they go public is to raise capital and raise awareness of their pursuits. Kind of hard to get ahead when phantom shares are being used to drive the price down. Good grief how hard do you guys have to make it for the scientists to succeed. So please, enforce the rules that are on the books to deliver the stock BEFORE it is shorted. If you can mandate it for the banks you should be able to do it for the rest of the market. While you are at it how about restoring the up-tick rule. At the very least it will reduce the volatility in the market.

Now as a side bar. I own 11,500 shares of this company. I have watched this stock climb from 10 18 over the years on exceptional scientific progress and revenue only to be knocked down in short order to single digits. Presently it is in the 10 range. You would think that when a company is firing on all cylinders perhaps the stock might plateau at a higher level and mark time for the next catalyst not drop 10 points.